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  • Criminal Minds FanFic- Dr. Spencer Reid
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    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original Criminal Minds characters or the story lines they hold. A new case has opened up at the BAU. This case involves the homicide of two adults. They are survived by their daughter, Ellen. Ellen is taken in until the murderer is found. One day, Dr. Spencer Reid is in charge of t...

  • Daddy Did It *Criminal Minds Fan Fiction*
    241K 6.6K 12

    Alex and Micheal's father has never been the same since their mother left. He had lost his good paying job and turned to alcohol to feed his depression. He was filled with anger and found the perfect out let. His own children. He never hurt his children until now and he hasn't stopped since he did. One day he loses...

  • Whispers in the Dark | Criminal Minds |
    481K 9.1K 11

    Danielle Gray is dating Spencer Reid. The BAU team doesn't know, cause they'd tease Reid, since he'd never been able to even talk to a girl, let alone date one. So, the relationship is a secret to the team, and Danielle's okay with that. When the team has a case on an unsub that kiddnapps women and kills the husband/b...