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  • I Was Hannah (Journey of Souls) #StoryTeller Finalist #dreamers
    54 3 11

    A young woman's journey into strength... "I looked up. Now he was staring at me, looking past that veil between him and the forbidden realm. I saw his eyes. Never had I seen them so close up. They were unusual and beautiful, their color reminding me of the jar of honey my grandmother used to leave on the kitchen win...

  • Rain Again (Completed)
    3.6M 137K 40

    Highest Ranking on hotlist : #1 Her confusion multiplied looking at the raw anger in his eyes, the seriousness and finality in his features. 'I seriously am clueless here, Alex. What is it that I've done?' 'This.' Alex threw some photos in Kate's face. Feeling shocked at Alex's behavior Kate snapped her face back as...

  • Bon Bons to Yoga Pants
    2M 109K 56

    Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs to lose weight. And twenty-two-year-old Lexie knows she's overweight. With her younger sister's wedding on the horizon and a crush to stalk on Fa...

  • I Told You, Eli Oxley
    151K 6.2K 43

    Banks will be hacked. Hearts will be broken. Watty Winner in the Best New Voices category! I TOLD YOU, ELI OXLEY is a novel about guilt, money, hacking, temptation and family secrets. Set in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the story follows would-be nomad Eli, a brilliant hacker doomed to live at home and attend Crockett Stat...

  • Silent Heroes: Wildcat
    5.1M 219K 52

    "What the hell?" I took a step closer to the mirror, staring at my reflection in disbelief. The person looking back was still me, but at the same time it wasn't. I had the same thick, dark, curly hair. The same hazel eyes. The same olive skin with a light dusting of freckles (ugh) scattered across the bridge of my...

  • Sugar Lust
    244K 10.6K 57

    ****now published**** Emmeline, a single mom who chronically suffers from foot in mouth disease and problematic love life, tries to make sense of her busy, complicated world while raising an ambitious kid.

  • King Me
    49.4K 2K 29

    Charred; there are few better words to describe Adrienne King. She certainly didn't escape her childhood unscathed but if you scrape off enough of the blackened bits there's something worth saving. Adrienne has spent the past eight years attempting to move beyond the torment she survived, but it turns out you can't hi...

  • The Bed She Made #Wattys2015 Winner!
    1.6M 46.6K 17

    Journey Durant's father warned her, "Someday you'll have to lie in the bed you've made." But she didn't believe him... until now. She has just received news that her ex-boyfriend is about to be released from prison, and this reformed bad girl can't shake the feeling that her troubled past is coming home with him. The...

  • Secret Wings
    8.5M 266K 46

    Hailey always thought she had a pretty ordinary life. The only thing that could be called unusual in her life was that her mother had disappeared into thin air not long after Hailey's birth. Soon, though, her mother is not the most important thing on the young girl's mind as she discovers a hidden side of herself and...

  • Mine- A Wattpad Love Story
    72 5 2

    Taylor Mc'Crowley is very skeptical of love when she meets Toby Hemmingway who is determined to break down her walls and make her fall in love with him. Will he ever be able to call her, "Mine?" A sappy love story to keep you happy :) *** Inspired by Taylor Swift's Mine

  • Holland Road
    405 31 7

    Maybe it's a nightmare. Maybe it's a hallucination. Whatever it is, Marcus Claymore is sucked into a bizarre odyssey of the otherworldly where the lines between dream and waking blur, where buried memories step up to demand resolution. All because he takes one precarious step outside his house... or where it used to b...

  • Grayspace
    431 25 23

    This project is the author's exercise of methods using automatism as either the finished product or the basis for stories and poems. Nonsense, jarring images, and peculiar journeys woven from the stuff of dreams await. You might laugh. You might cry. You might walk away changed, having listened to the hard, granite t...

  • Silverkey Crossing
    496 65 10

    ** Highest rank: #349 in HORROR ** Small town USA Silverkey Crossing is quiet and peaceful if you don't look too closely. You won't notice how... off... some of the residents seem. You won't know who's missing. And when I say missing, I mean they just vanished. You won't hear the stories about how they vanished. S...

  • Beneath the Snow
    185 32 7

    When Mykhailo must report to his German commanders in Kharkiv, he discovers that the Ukrainian city is under starvation and siege in the coldest winter in recent history. With Christmas approaching, he feels homesick and seeks out accommodation with his own countrymen, able to provide food in return. However, his vis...

  • The Hanging of the Swings of Versailles
    16.5K 575 11

    A boy on the swings of his school, a firefly signal between lovers, an online conversation between strangers. Find mystery, wonder, and heartache in this unpredictable set of short stories about separating from the other, merging with the infinite, and seeking the highest regard. Or the lowest. It's a pendulum, after...

  • No Man's Land: A Reschen Valley Novel Part 1
    2.8K 66 6

    *** Storyteller Award, First Prize*** *** Discourse Award, First Prize, Genre: Historical Fiction*** She wants her home. He wants control. The Fascist regime wants both. 1920, former Austrian Tyrol. Katharina Thaler faces becoming the first woman to ever own a farm in the Reschen Valley. The end of the Great...

  • Once Upon a Witch's Moon
    4K 132 9

    Twist Rhodes doesn’t remember anything about her life before she was dropped in Bob and Sylvia Rhodes’ Kansas cornfield. She doesn’t want to remember. But now the nightmare that has been with her for as long as she can remember is getting worse. Her memories may be coming back. All she knows is that she doesn’t want t...