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  • Aaliyah
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    17 year old Aaliyah gets caught up in some problems with the boy next door after a mistake changes her life.

  • Bad Boy (DeVante Swing)
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    You got a jawline like a model You stay fresh from head to toe Got your own money, never borrow On your grind, I like your hustle But you're no good for me Cuz them pretty boys not pretty On the inside of they souls And even though I know you're bad for me I can't let go You're no good for me No, you're no good for me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay
    32.6K 1.3K 36

    Kakuya Mandrake has known Donald DeGrate (known better as DeVante Swing) since they were babies. They are best friends who laugh, cry, and comfort one another. Perfect right? WRONG! The problem is that DeVante has catapaulted to fame as a founder/member of JoDeCi, and even as the groupies come around, DeVante and Kaku...

  • House party {1993}
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    STARTED: JUNE 10th 2017 ENDED:

  • 90's Song Cry
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  • Letters To You || Aaliyah & Tupac
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    Aaliyah Haughton is a 20 year old,aspiring artist who grew up in Detroit.Life seems to be passing her by after the passing of her grandmother & being denied a college degree.That is until she meets Tupac Shakur one fatal day,a day that changes both of their lifes.Tupac & Aaliyah grow to be very close,despite Aaliyah k...

  • The Bet (Revising)
    45K 1.4K 42

    It is 1992, life for Savannah Carter and her friends is fantastic. Being a senior and soon graduating, something great is happening for her. But everything changes for her and her friends when JoDeCi enter their lives. Things get flipped upside down and hearts break but can it be mended? Having JoDeCi going to your h...

  • My Arranged Marriage To A Gang Leader
    104K 2.7K 38

    Version Two *This is not a sequel* This time around Damon will encounter a different girl. Whole new story. Whole different plot. Same old' Damon Reed. Copyright © 2019 TheLifeOfNatalie™ All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, includi...

  • How To Rap
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    Ever wondered how the legends like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Dr.Dre, Big L, LL Cool J, NWA, and many other rappers do it? Well now you can find out! Read this to find out tips on how to freestyle, hand gestures, and many other things, all samples from The Rappers Handbook by Escher with Alex Rapp...

  • Boredom: and how to be a creep about it
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    Yah, I'm a creep, and I'm bored, and I'm on wattpad. Deal with it. Ummm in other words, this is my journal-sort-of-thing that I'm going to randomly post in when I'm bored. expect me to post a lot...

  • ~Changes~
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  • 40UR XL (Completed)
    112K 6.1K 19

    Natalie, a Highschool senior was always the black sheep in her family. The unpopular 3rd wheel with friends , and a morbidly Obese young woman. Life constantly testing her Mentally, Physically ,and DEFINITELY emotionally. Will she ever live her life Drama Free? Will she ever experience life as a woman Not fitting a si...

  • He Is
    23.1K 1.4K 21

    "You don't wanna love me, Marlon." "Why not?" He stepped closer to me, causing me to back up. "Because I'm broken." "So let me fix you, ma." (This has slow updates, so don't trip big fella)

  • Rule breakers
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    Just the girls of the account ☁️-single ⛅️-talking/crushing ☀️-taken nothing- complicated/reserved

  • Wattpad Helper: Computer Edition
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    Welcome to the Wattpad Helper! This explains how to become famous, or how to work wattpad! You're a begginer Hmm? Now, If you have any bad comments, sure lemme read them so I can improve!

  • That's so 90s
    8.3K 246 53

    It's 1990 and 17 year old Zaria is on her way to college, she dreams of becoming a rapper thats on top of the world. Watch her date and strike up friendships some of the most famous and legendary artists like tupac, biggie, brandy, the wayans, and many others follow her through the greatest pop culture decade of all t...

  • A Simple Twist of Fate (Drake and Aaliyah)
    5.3K 381 27

    What would have transpired if Aaliyah never got on that plane that day in August? What if she had stayed behind? How different would things be? Where would she be years later and what would happen should her path eventually cross with Drake? One small decision that will change the course of history and lives and relat...

  • Are You That Somebody? (90's Edition)
    1.1K 81 6

    Based off my Fav MTV series, Are You The One, this book will be about 10 single men and women trying to find their real soul mates. From rappers to actresses to singers, they'll all here for it. More explained in the prologue lol.

  • [Make you my lover]✨
    7.5K 468 34

    A weird love story ©90sstrories✨

  • U know what's up (an Aaliyah fanfiction)
    2.1K 132 11

    Katherine Kimberly Haughton (aka Kat) is an average teenager who's life just got a little more complicated. As she goes back in time to the 90s she meets Tupac and Lisa Left-eye lopes who she finds out are her best friends and Aaliyah as her identical twin sister. Read the book to find out what happens to Kat while sh...

  • 90s Queen Bee #Wattys2016
    270K 14.3K 31

    A Wattpad Featured Story What if you got to go back to high school knowing what you know now? Sammy Day has the chance to do just that... and she's going to show the class of 1998 exactly who's Queen Bee. **** Check out my blog (, Facebook ( or Twitter (htt...

  • C.R.U.S.H.
    5.2K 415 16

    When things go wrong for ciara she moves back to her home state Atlanta and starts to go to Georgia state college. She is majoring in dance. She meets this beautiful girl name Janet who is also a dance major but wants nothing to do with ciara in the way ciara wants to be. Read this drama filled story and find out all...

  • Treat Me Like Somebody. (Discontinued)
    4K 317 12

    Telicia Anderson Is Like Every Other Teenage Girl But With One Exception , She's Mute. What Happens When Janet Jackson Adopts Her And She Meets Aaliyah Haughton? Find Out In Treat Me Like Somebody.

  • Ghost of JEALOUSY
    1K 223 5

    If your fiancé dies what do you do? You move on right? It's wasn't easy for Damita Jo but she finally moved on. To bad her fiancé is doing everything he can to stop it from happening. Even if he has to bring her to the afterlife with him.

  • Straight To The Heart
    39.3K 1K 27

    This is a Straight Outta Compton fan fiction Hope is a 17 year old girl who lives in Compton and her cousin Dr.Dre and his friends form a group called N.W.A and she's there through it all and falls in love with Ice Cube but will the date there's no telling but she has strong feelings for him for sure

  • Parent Hood: The Trilogy
    41.7K 1.9K 15

    "He look just like me." Was all he could utter when he looked at lil' Kofi. He swore he was lookin' in the mirror. Looking at his son was the most beautiful thing he ever seen. "Of course he looks like you." Hope had said softly from the hospital bed "He is you." Vixen grinned, and tried to hold in his emotions. "You...

  • Danger
    8.3K 324 10

    She didn't know what he did. He didn't know anything about her life in Philly. But was it better not knowing or knowing? *NOTE. THIS IS A TUPAC STORY. BUT IT IS IN AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE. HE IS NOT FAMOUS IN THIS.*

  • One In A Million
    1.8K 87 22

    1987 Autumn is a 18 year old model who was living with her parent's and her two sister's and older brother she had an abusive boyfriend, one day some new neighbors moved in and she got along with them pretty well. Find out the rest by reading the book.

    Completed   Mature
  • It's a new world
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    The year is 1995, two years after Dwayne and Whitley moves to Japan. In this "A different World" spin-off, we will meet new characters at Hillman College and reconnect with some of the original characters.