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  • Coming Back// d.w. (BOOK 3)
    28.6K 1.7K 38

    You are really stupid if you are still reading about my life story. Well, carry on. I had no idea that I would even come back. After leaving for England, and working there. I come back home, working for my dad's band as their photographer which unfolds into drama. How will Dallon control this? And most importantly...

  • Heidi 》d&p
    16K 862 21

    I'm numb with heartache. ___ Short Story Dan and Phil

  • The Avengers, the Silent girl, and Percy Jackson
    45.9K 1.1K 48

    There will be a mpreg in this. There will be some very dark parts in this book. Ellie Choler has aways been sidelined. Her father abandoned her at age six. She showed up at camp Half Blood at ten. She doesn't speek to anyone but Annabeth. Even then she doesn't talk much.One year Percy Jackson arives. She gets whis...

  • Growing up (BOOK 4)
    5.8K 325 12

    Ryder Weekes-Harris is a teenager and the son of Phoenix Weekes, who is the daughter of Dallon Weekes. Here is the twist: Ryder Weekes-Harris is adopted and he has no idea about it. And this is his story of growing up with Amelie and Knox beside him, along with the drama surrounding him.

  • Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE)
    87.8K 3.9K 38

    {COMPLETED} If you are reading this, then it means that you are really stupid to read this. I am kidding (maybe, maybe not). I am Pheonix and this is my story about how I became Weekes from Matthews. {I really suck at descriptions}

  • Adopted And Adventurous (Many Emo Bands)
    3.9K 153 8

    This story is about Crystal Wolf! (description of her in the book) She has been living in an orphanage since she was 4, she is now 16. Her parents were murdered by a couple of guys who they owed some money to. The problem with that is the men said they would come back for her when she was older! the music she listens...

  • Adapted// d.w (BOOK TWO)
    42.4K 2.1K 36

    [Read the first book to know more] Again, if you are reading this then you may/may not be stupid. Carry on, I had no idea that Dallon Weekes would adopt me. But going out on my birthday lead to the death of someone close to me. How will Dallon handle all of this? And most importantly, how will I handle all of this? W...