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  • Riches to Rags (Completed)
    73.7K 3.6K 45

    Zariah McKnight started in the entertainment business at a young age as an actress, now in her early 20's she realizes the entertainment business is not what she wants anymore. With all the money fame and parties all she really wants is a normal life without camera crews and makeup artist. This is the life of a girl...

  • Not Your Average Girl
    8.1K 442 27

    This story takes place back in 1993. Aaliyah (17 years old) is a teenager who lives in Brooklyn, New York. It's finally senior year and She is more excited than any of her friends are about graduating High School. Despite, her sharp tongue and abundant ego. Aaliyah is very smart and wants to turn some of her dreams i...

  • Unsuspected Love
    52.5K 2.7K 39

    Aaliyah Haughton was always so gentle with her words, so passionate about her music. That's what the majority of people remember about her. Well at least that's what ex-classmate, Kadafi, remembers. Find out what happens when he contacts her and reintroduces her into the world of music, as well as her soon to be first...