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  • The Day We Forgot The Guitarist
    3.6K 398 8

    Mikey Way was on tour with his two (obviously in love with each other) bandmates when he realized that something was missing. After checking through all of his stuff, he finally figured it out. They were missing their guitarist. Meanwhile, Ray Toro was beginning to panic while he was waiting for his bandmates in a t...

  • The Ocean's Enigma ♡ Frerard
    45.9K 2.7K 22

    Artists, deep down, hope to find a sign that their creations will leave a mark on the world. Gerard Way, 25 and restless, is one among many, but his deep love for the sea may be ensnared by the embodiment of the ocean's beauty itself when he finds a stranger washed up on the shore the morning after an intense storm st...

    Completed   Mature