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  • Ripnami Fanfiction
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    Rip current, son of Tsunami and Riptide, and Coral, daughter of anemone, have joined together to fight evil around Pyrrhia. From arena battles to a new tribe, they will see so much for the first time. And maybe they'll find love and find themselves along the way.

  • The Darkest Days [A Wings Of Fire Fanfiction]
    6.6K 221 36

    Nightfighter is a strange NightWing, he has light blue eyes and most importantly, the powers of the NightWings lost centuries ago. He has both mind reading and prophecy telling. He attends Jade Mountain Academy meeting Moonwatcher, another mind reader. He meets new friends, his winglet. He soon finds out about dark se...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wings of Fire: The Long Danger
    709 37 4

    (Takes place way before The Dragonet Propbhecy) A young Nightwing named Bloodscreamer is exiled from his tribe, after preventing the Nightwing queen from killing the next heir of the Skywings. The queen of course considers it as committing an act of betrayal, especially because he did threaten to turn his own claws ag...

  • Wings of fire name generator
    3.6K 135 9

    Have you ever wanted to know what your name would be if you were a wings of fire dragon? Now you can know!

  • Wings of rp
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    It's a wings of fire rp

  • Wings Of Fire Randomness
    41.5K 2K 151

    These are just some ideas, theories, ships, aka don't hate!

  • The Story of Artemis- Wings of Fire
    63.8K 2.8K 42

    The war affected everyone in its own way. Families were constantly living in fear, soldiers had to face the reality that they might not live to see the next day. But that all changed when the dragonets brought the Sandwing heirs together, and Thorn was crowned Queen. From this they created an Academy, for dragons of...

  • Wings of Fire RP (Re-Made)
    1.3K 42 39

    This is my Wings of Fire RP! I hope everyone enjoys! ------------------------------------------- Examples of the things in this RP are : Jade Mountain Academy Regular RP ((Coming Soon)) And more!

  • Dragonet Prophecy (Roleplay)
    326 20 7

    After years the sandwing succession. A new war has come. A fight between the Nightwings and Icewings. They have always had a grudge for them and now that the nightwings supposedly stole the icewings princess. They have declared war.

  • Avenging Sandstone
    170 19 6

    After the death of her father, an arrow of hatred is plunged into Salamander's heart for his killer. However when the war ends, and peace is bestowed apon The Kingdom of Sand, she is unexpectedly enrolled in The Jade Mountain Academy, where she makes some unlikely friends. Then a horrible incedent occurrs, and Salaman...