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  • Love? Namgi
    3.2K 148 4

    Yoongi and Namjoon hate each other. Their teacher pairs them up for a project they have to do at home.

  • ~SugaMon~Just One Bite
    46.4K 2.3K 10

    It's a cold winter evening. Snow is falling strongly, blurring up Yoongi's sight. Suddenly the street falls to silence, deep, absolute silence. Yoongi turns on his heels, screams and his feet start running, far, far away from the tall, looming shadow. //there isn't enough vampire sugamon out there so I'm helping out...

  • come give it to me
    11.3K 845 1

    N A M G I. "you-" yoongi jabs a finger on namjoon's nose. he hiccups. "kiss me," he slurs, looking at the younger through his messy fringe. namjoon gulps. "hyung, no." or, in which namjoon babysits drunk yoongi who won't stop asking him for kissies.