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  • The Serpent of Durmstrang // A Harry Potter FanFiction
    31.2K 780 14

    Harry Potter left England with Sirius Black after the attack on Godric's Hollow. Raised by both Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, and educated at Durmstrang, his life had been peaceful until his final year. Now he must face, not only the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but also the darkness that looms over the Wizarding world. Ma...

  • Hades Chaos Addams
    376 16 1

    An icy smile spread across an equally icy face, blood red lips curling up. "Almost here, dear. You are almost here" She said, trailing off into a whisper. Finally looking up from the tarot cards to look at the moon and stars, confirming what she had already read. Moving, she seemed to float as she walked down to get r...

  • Harry Potter and the very old, very kind god
    6.5K 346 7

    Harry never really believe in religion until he heard the story of Perseus, Annabeth, and their Guardians. So he prayed.

  • The Goblin Prince.
    18.3K 949 13

    Lily Potter was a seer, and a powerful one at that. Although her death was certain, the future of her child wasn't set in stone. After all, what is a man playing god compared to someone who could pass as one? And so, Lady Lily Potter, on that fateful day, made a wish.

  • Harry Potter or Harry Wayne?
    29.5K 1K 22

    This is a harry potter/batfamily crossover and is set in the summer Harry's 5th year. Patunia had found a diary of Lilly's that said harry wasn't James's but the son of a rich guy from America called Bruce Wayne.. having enough of harry, the Dursleys send harry to live with his father and his adoptive brothers, D...

  • The Awakening
    28K 626 15

    Harry Potter was no normal boy. He, for starters, was way ahead in grades than other kids his age. He was what his relatives described as the devil's child. Oh, he also could talk to snakes, was a wizard, killed an evil dark lord as a baby ; which actually was not him but his mother, opened the Chamber Of secrets, joi...

  • Mildly Infuriating | Harry Potter Fanfiction
    4.3K 251 7

    Tom Riddle x Harry Potter Time-Travel fic Tom Marvolo Riddle does not do distractions. Tom Marvolo Riddle does not do failure. Yet, what is he to do when a certain clumsy green-eyed Hufflepuff won't stop getting in the way of his plans. Master of Death Harry Potter gets a kick out of messing with young Voldemort.

  • When He's Mine
    4.3K 153 1

    Harry Dean Potter, the brother of the boy who lived, all he ever wanted was to be loved, but that's not going to happen. When he turns 10 and he and his brother Alex Ace Potter get their creature and actual inheritance but Harry "gets more than he should" and an omega creature inheritance. What will happen when he is...

  • The Second Change (a HP fanfic)
    22.1K 926 29

    Er, this is the sequel to a fanfic of mine, which is being rewritten. Just...give me some time to fix this...pile of words *cringe*.

  • A Dark Lord Dada
    16.2K 345 4

    Harry is a little, and he's known this for years. Only, he never told anyone, and no one suspected that the Boy-Who-Lived could ever be a little. When Harry finally tells Hermione and Ron that he's a little, Ron is supportive of him and researches everything about littles to further support Harry. Hermione, on the oth...

  • Betrayals And New Beginnings
    187K 5.2K 40

    Harry Potter wakes up after a brutal beating. He asks the snake he met about a week ago. What should he do. the snake replied with something that shocked him, Harry replied with a little convincing that he would do it. little did he know how much his life would change.

  • Elemental
    83.1K 2.4K 18

    In the prophecy describing Harry, it talks about a power the dark lord knows not. That power is Harry's abilities as an Elemental. *-*-*- Harry was shaking violently and tried not to make any noise as he knew that it would only cause more pain. Vernon stopped suddenly when he felt that he couldn't breathe. He started...

  • We, Harry Potter
    3K 132 9

    Down in the Chamber of Secrets, as Harry was dying from the basilisk venom, something awoke within his blood that began changing him, body, mind, and soul. The destruction of the horcrux in his head kicked that process in the metaphorical balls. Now, what are Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, and Harry to do as a literal fi...

  • Here For You
    254K 6.9K 25

    Harry Potter did not live a normal life. He was abused by the relatives and told that his parents, Lily and James Potter, were dead. He had no other family, and he never would. But what we're told isn't always the truth... WARNINGS!! MINOR MENTION OF ABUSE! LOTS OF FLUFFY SHIT!! WAY TO MUCH ANTICIPATION!! PROBS OBVI...

  • The Poor of God
    1.9K 84 3

    After Snape's visit to Surrey, Harry writes a thank-you letter that triggers an extended correspondence and a tentative friendship between the two of them.

  • May I Ask?
    21K 668 23

    At the age of 43, Severus Snape came in to a creature inheritance. Of all the things that could go wrong in his life, he had to be an elf as well? After finding out he's enslaved to his soul mate, Snape decides it's best to stop fighting the fates. Choosing never to tell Harry Potter, his soul mate, that they are dest...

  • The Forgotten Potter Twin
    153K 4.7K 16

    The Potter family had twins that 31st July. Colin Evan Potter and Harry James Potter. After Voldemort attacked, Lily and James survived and Colin was mistakenly made The Boy Who Lived. Harry is ignored by his whole family as Colin is spoiled rotten. Harry runs away from his sad life and meets Allyssa Rose, a kind hea...

  • MASTER OF DEATH : A Harry Potter Fanfic
    38.2K 949 10

    Harry is given a second chance as he goes back to the night it all started , the night his parents died after unlocking powers of the deathly hallows along with the knowledge and skill of everyone who've used it and because it was united in the grounds of hogwarts, he gained the knowledge and skills of the founders a...

  • The one who came back...
    69.3K 2K 17

    Its been 10 years since HE died. And now Voldemort rules the wizarding world freely without anyone being able to stop him. Every rebel has been beaten into submission. Seems like Ron and Hermione are living lavish lives along with Ginny and Molly. Sirius and Remus have been put in Azkaban and Dumbledore was killed. P...

  • Poetic Justice [Tomarry]
    24.9K 794 5

    As punishment for his crimes, Tom Riddle-formerly the Dark Lord, Voldemort-is given to Harry Potter as a slave. Harry didn't even know slavery was still a thing in the wizarding world, and most definitely doesn't want one.

  • TAKEN (Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    62.5K 1.6K 15

    This is a book a adopted from A_M_Book. This is a Harry Potter fanfiction where Harry was taken from his real family and came into a creature inheritance. And he found out he had more than one mate!!

  • The Truth and The Lie - HP
    940 43 1

    What happens when before Harry goes to Hogwarts for his first year he gets shown by death the truth about everything that includes Tom Marvolo Riddles/Voldemort life and the future of what could happen if he did know aby of this or he did change it - C.W.

  • The Repeated Rope ÷Book 1÷
    73.6K 1.8K 21

    Harry James Potter a boy who was lost and going into his Third year of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His uncle Abused him, his aunt made him do all the chores, his cousin rapes him. Harry wishes to be safe. Does he get his wish? Will he be safe? Is he really a Potter?

  • Black Phoenix {ON HOLD}
    38.8K 1.5K 29

    James and Lily had many children over the years (by the way they're alive). Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle, has broken into their house when Harry was only about one and a half. He tried to kill the boy, but failed. His body broke apart and his spirit flew away. Because both Magic and Death favored Harry and his siblings...

  • The Forgotten twin
    68.7K 1.8K 14

    I remember a shadow, living in the shade of your greatness. -Loki These words describe young Hadrien's life all to well. As a child, all he ever knew was neglect. He lived in the shadows, tossed aside by his parents, abused by relatives, and bullied by all. Then a letter appears with his name on it. Will he be lead in...

  • Power Lies in the Heart
    6K 155 6

    Harry finds out everyone is using him so he frees himself and finds out he's the last wolf demon and Dumbledore is stealing his money from his vaults.

  • Deep Within - HP
    15K 411 2

    Harry never felt like he was like everyone else, he was famous for defeating voldemort when only seven months old, people thought he was spoiled at home when he is abuse and neglected, everyone expect him to be perfect, what if after Sirius death he becomes more independent and mature as of now he questions everything...

  • Save me? A harry potter fanfiction
    54.6K 1.4K 15

    *trigger warning* 16 year old Harry Potter commits suicide due to the death of his godfather and the mental and verbal abuse suffered as a child, to find out his spirit is still stuck on this earth! He wanders around Hogwarts for a while, trying to figure out why he is still here when he stumbles upon none other than...

  • God of Karma - HP
    30K 776 5

    Harry over night become who he wasn't meant to be at his birth, he gets powers and become the god of karma and makes people who have made the wrong move with him or others who didn't deserve it - C.W.

  • Darkside - HP
    30.9K 707 5

    Harry listens to the argument between Hermione and Ron about Male lactation that it can't exist unless you get pregnant Harry tries and see if it can be done. This is Harry Potter in his fourth year, the tournament is invovled and Harry finds also who his friends really are and think - C.W.