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  • For You, Anything
    165 13 1

    Reader can't sleep and wakes up Bucky. Comforting late night talks ensue.

  • Wounded Warriors
    59K 2.3K 12

    Bucky finally takes Sam's advice to try some therapy sessions at the VA, but you end up being the reason he keeps coming back. Bucky Barnes x Reader

  • Together Forever
    12.7K 407 23

    Imagine being Steve Rogers' sibling and Bucky Barnes' girlfriend. You join the war as an agent of the SSR, reluctantly leaving your brother behind, until you find out what happened after his fifth attempt at enlisting for the war.

  • My Patriot
    5.1K 259 10

    James Buchanan Barnes is the type of guy every gal falls for; almost every gal. You weren't convinced that he was any good. You steered clear of him in the halls, but a turn of events leaves you lip-locked with the rebel. Will you follow your instincts or your heart as he charms you with that no good brooklyn smirk?

  • Misterul Mea
    30.8K 1.1K 8

    Bucky Barnes x Reader James was a mystery, and you loved mysteries.

  • bucky barnes ⇨ one shots
    117K 2.7K 23

    Will occasionally include other Marvel characters' one shots.

  • Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes One Shots
    266K 6.6K 50

    This is my compilation of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes imagines that are three parts or less. Longer ones have their own books so please check them out! I am always updating and taking requests! REQUESTS ARE OPEN NOTE: these are not stucky imagines!!! They are either Steve x y/n or Bucky x y/n

  • Imagines Vol. 1
    194K 4.4K 117

    HELLO *whilst writing this bio motivational 80's music was playing in the background* I hope you all enjoy my stories and please give 'em a vote for me:) Feel free to request imagines and preferences :) Follow my Instagram accounts @/winterschild___ And @/potatoesobrien_

  • Bring me home (Bucky Barnes x reader)
    1.3K 48 3

    Steve has found Bucky and brought him home to Stark towers, but he's still not quite himself.

  • Make A Wish
    71 6 1

    ANGST! FRUSTRATION! A DEVASTATING TWIST! All of this awaits you (sort of) in this reader insert featuring Bucky Barnes where he tries to save you on your birthday. Will he be able to bring you home or is your love lost at sea? Read on to find out...

  • Sebastian Stan/Bucky Imagines
    70.7K 1.8K 11

    Sebastian Stan/Bucky Imagines. Warning: May contain feels:) Find more on Instagram @winterschild___ or under the hashtag #winterschildimagines

  • Sebastian Stan / Reader
    135K 2.8K 9

    Rating: PG-13 POV: YOU. Disclaimer: nothing here is ours except the plot. -- Follow: Instagram: @patriciamvee Wattpad: @SebsLips Facebook: Sebastian Stan PH -- Happy Reading!!

  • Nightmares: Bucky Barnes X Reader
    1.4K 45 1

    Ever since Bucky has gotten out of H.Y.D.R.A., he has always had nightmares about his time being the Winter Soldier, this is about what you do to help him overcome these night terrors. (Fluffy!)

  • Starting Over
    2.2K 105 7

    Hi! This is a story I'm writing! Hope you enjoy!

  • Kiss It Better? (BuckyxReader Oneshot)
    687 21 1

    After an almost failed recon where the reader suffers from being hit in the spine by a gun, due to her healing factor she heals without problem but is left with a nasty soreness for the next week.

  • Nightmare
    40 3 1

    You and Bucky share a life together now. Everything is ok, 'till one night screams woke you up.

  • Bucky Barnes oneshots
    6.8K 106 4

    Just another bucky barnes fanfiction for all of winter's children. "I'm with you until the end of the line."

  • Caretaker
    35.7K 973 9

    Imagine yourself as an agent of Shield forced into being the Winter Soldier's caretaker.

  • Reunited
    5.4K 166 8

    Imagine that you lived a very abnormal life, and what you were about to find out would change your life even more.

  • My Childhood Hero
    9.2K 254 4

    Imagine that when you were six years old, the Winter Soldier saved your life.

  • He Needs Saving Too
    10.2K 336 15

    Imagine being a former assassin for HYDRA and trainee of the Winter Soldier that was rescued by the Avengers. After the soldier's last appearance, you decided to rescue him with the help of Steve and Natasha. Requested by @banana4184 on Instagram -To be continued-

  • Caretaker (Alternate Version)
    10.9K 377 12

    This is an alternate version of the caretaker imagine. Most of it is different, but a few parts are the same.

  • Bucky imagine-2
    1.8K 66 1

    This is an imagine I wrote....imagine you and Bucky having an argument.

  • Two Left Feet
    20 4 1

  • Runaways
    81 10 1

    Pre-war Bucky x reader. Submission for BeautifulBlues contest. (This is my first x reader, wish me luck!)

  • The New Girl *CONTEST ENTRY*
    4.5K 246 5

    My Historical AU One Shot submission for the "Tales of Bucky and Steve" contest hosted by @BeautifulBlues ***This story won 1st place in the "Tales of Bucky and Steve" contest.

  • short cute Bucky imagine:)
    1.1K 21 1

    ♦ After tws,imagine brushing Bucky's wet hair ♦

  • Code: Black Out
    34 5 1

    *Original Request From Tumblr* Bucky x smol bean reader; Bucky has a Winter Soldier moment and hurts her. She isn't killed or anything, just injured. Thanks babes!

  • Helping Hand
    100 4 1

    Bucky x Assassin!Reader (more platonic than romantic however.) [Cover image by alicexz on deviantart]