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  • Strawberry Fields Forever
    68 10 1

    Imagine Loki living in Avengers tower, and every time it's his turn to go grocery shopping, he brings back a store's worth of strawberries.

  • His English Heart- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction
    1.6M 34.2K 44

    NOW FEATURED IN A CONDENSED VERSION IN THE IMAGINES BOOK!! --You work on the set of the Avengers as a makeup artist. For Tom Hiddleston. As time progresses you become great friends; and then the movie ends, so you're forced to part ways... right? Wrong. A romance that has hilarious problems, and wonderful heart. Tom...

  • Imagines Vol. 1
    194K 4.4K 117

    HELLO *whilst writing this bio motivational 80's music was playing in the background* I hope you all enjoy my stories and please give 'em a vote for me:) Feel free to request imagines and preferences :) Follow my Instagram accounts @/winterschild___ And @/potatoesobrien_

  • Smile - Loki x Reader x Thor
    3.8K 120 1

  • Care - Thor x Reader x Loki
    5.3K 219 1

  • Blind Love
    5.8K 262 6

    Please enjoy this 5 part mini Loki X Reader series.

  • × Short Loki Imagines ×
    473 12 1

    Short Loki Imagines with love, feels and unicorn dust.

  • Loki Imagine (Short)
    99 6 1

    Short LokixReader Imagine Going on a picnic date with Loki, on Asgard

  • Without a Word
    20.1K 1.7K 28

    Taken from my Tom / Loki imagine book, this fanfiction expands on the Sherlock imagine. After the death of your best friend, you move to London, finishing out the plans that you had already started. That's when you meet Tom "Sherlock" Holmes, consulting detective who is a high functioning sociopath. Intrigued, you f...

  • Mystery to solve
    1.4K 88 4

    You have lived in the palace since your mother died. You had no other relatives and your father had died before you were born, so Queen Frigga took you in. You didn't get to spend much time with the young princes though. They were always studying or training or playing together. Sometimes, very rarely, when they did...

  • Magic (Loki x Reader Short Story)
    676 23 1

    Loki x Reader thing, pretty short

  • Tom Hiddleston and Loki Imagines - Bk. 1
    1.9M 66.6K 114

    Highest Rankings: 1st in Tom Hiddleston Imagines, 3rd in Loki Imagines, 8th in Loki, 130th in Marvel || Just a writing outlet for one of my favorite actors and characters of all time. I do not own Tom, Loki, or any other fictional characters mentioned, referenced, or used in this book. All copyrights goes to the resp...

  • I Need You // LokixReader One Shot
    2.7K 177 1

    Okay, so this is for all my fellow fangirls who desperately wanted to comfort Loki in that sence when he found out he was adopted. Obviously he had many emotions in that moment and he decided to act on the anger, hate and desperation.....but what if he had acted on the sadness, loneliness, and the knowledge that he wa...

  • Tickling tom hiddleston (image and edited)
    227 1 1

    Saw this on tumbler so I am making it into a story

  • Tom Hiddleston Book Of Facts
    5.7K 75 7

    This is a book filled with facts about Tom William Hiddleston and his charming personality.

  • Heartbeat (Loki x sick!Reader)
    2.7K 54 2

    Loki's plans for taking the throne are halted when he finds out a shocking truth about the one person he loves. Read for more.

  • Little Princess - Loki x Reader (oneshot-fluff)
    3.3K 86 1

    ♥A cute scene I had in my head of little reader-chan who lives as only human in Asgard in presence of the two beautiful princes.♥

  • Tom Hiddleston Quotes
    57.9K 2.6K 82

    Quotes from our beloved actor, Tom Hiddleston. This includes quotes he made in interviews, movies, ect. *If I get the source wrong don't hesitate to tell me! Thanks :)