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  • You're Driving Me Mental - Phan
    154K 5K 17

    Phil is the new patient at an adolescent mental health unit. A young Dan is told to keep an eye on him but apparently, not caring causing things to go down hill. Will Phil get better, for Dan, as well as himself? ~ COMPLETE ~ BOOK ONE ~

  • Dan, Why? // Phan
    21 1 2

    A horrible phanfic where dan fucks a grilled cheese sandwich. I blame @starryeyedsuga for this monstrosity.

  • Bruiser || Dan and Phil
    1.5K 57 2

    Never interacting with anyone, showing up to school with bruised knuckles and being known for most likely to receive the death penalty when older, Phil Lester is not who everyone rumors him to be. To everyone he is either just some guy who passes them in the hallways or some crazy, psycho murderer who has already been...

  • Carve Your Words - Phan *Very, very slowly editing*
    10.2K 269 26


  • Mental Heath; Phan
    21.7K 1K 15

    Phil writes journal entries of his time spent in the mental hospital. He's captivated by the brown eyed boy whos room is just across the hall. *Trigger warning* ((if you need to know more details about then triggers the message me))

  • Eat! | phan
    9.5K 471 4

    Dan Howell is popular. He's also been released from an eating disorder clinic a few months ago. Only one of his friends know about it, at least thats what he thinks. He goes to a party and wakes up to a text from an unknown number. One simple word: Eat! Phil Lester isn't popular but he's no unpopular. He notices some...

  • the poison I need // Phan
    1K 68 6

    A world where everyone is born with a tattoo on each arm, one matches your soulmate, the other matches your worst enemy. Dan Howell was born with the same tattoo on each arm, what is he to do when he meets a boy with the same tattoo as him?

  • The Wrong Person - Phan (one shot)
    8.6K 592 1

    (prompt and cover given by -err0r-) Dan's on a date with a girl he doesn't connect with at all. Phil's on a date with a snobby girl who doesn't seem to like him. They seem to be on dates with the wrong people...

  • Where The Lonely One's Roam||Phan
    51.8K 2.7K 13

    Phil was a pretty normal guy up until the incident. He meets Dan Howell and they become friends but what will happen when they figure out where they have seen each other before? Vampire Fic//Phan Cover made by amityblonde :)

  • dear diary ☠ phan [done] {sequel to 'notes'}
    5.4K 467 11

    dan is dead. phil is depressed. {sequel to 'Notes'} *lowercase intended* •trigger warning• [COMPLETED ON AUGUST 28, 2016]

    Completed   Mature
  • eat//phan
    26.3K 777 7

    eating makes me sick, not eating makes me sick, at least one makes me pretty TW// eating disorder!!

  • wrong number !! phan
    66K 3.6K 34

    "wrong number." says a familiar voice. (a/n look sis i wrote this when i was a dumbass kid and like 15 years old. this shit is tough. i romanized depression and suicide and honestly i'm a dumbass bitch ass whore. i'm toxic and feel free to cancel me. (but please dont i'm a different person now) and yeah this has trigg...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret Admirer ~ Phan
    46.6K 2.2K 33

    phil lester is alone. in school, at home, everywhere. all his life. until an unknown number comes along. (lower-case intended, triggers will be added if needed.) triggers as of so far:-- swearing. violence. mentions of death.

  • Monster | Phan
    15.7K 796 11

    Dan is seen as a monster. He must hide away from society but is allowed out during Halloween. There he meets Phil but he must go back into hiding again once Halloween ends and he's determined to not let Phil know that the monster he sees isn't made up. Cover by: @VictoriaEUbanks

  • Private Howell - Phan
    53.7K 3.5K 13

    For 15 years, Daniel Howell has trained as an undercover spy and policeman for an agency called SACM (Secret Agency of Criminal Management.) When his commander assigns him to an easier case - a simple drug bust - he meets his suspect, Phil Lester. Once he proves if he's innocent or guilty, Dan can simply leave and go...

  • The Vampire's Heart - Phan
    64.4K 3.5K 12

    Story after story of vampires begin to surface around Dan's quiet, little town, but there is no way that they're real, right? When Dan stumbles across the path of the last thing he'd expect to see, he is terrified. But, he soon learns that this creature is just as afraid, and wants nothing more than a friend himself...

  • Caged || Phan
    22.6K 1.2K 7

    When Phil Lester moves into his aunts old house the last thing he is expecting to find is a ghost, but that's just what happens. For Dan Howell, a spirit who's been trapped in a mirror for most of his life, Phil may be just what he's been waiting for. Dan has to find a way to escape before the mirror collapses and tra...

  • The First Words: Phan AU
    97.5K 4.3K 17

    The year is 2020, and everyone is now born with tattoos, a DNA modification made by modern scientists. You could say that the ink is unique; permanently placed on your skin, the first words you hear your soulmate speak.

  • Colors {Phan}
    55.9K 3.5K 8

    AU: Everyone is born seeing black and white. You start to see colors when you first kiss your soulmate. Dan and Phil get completely wasted at a club and wake up seeing colors. Neither of them remembers what happens. update from the author, 2 years later: this shit is cringy and rushed as fuck i'm just warning you guys...

  • Different (phan)
    5.9K 336 24

    A world where dan has wings, he struggles to hide them when his parents decide it's time to stop homeschooling him. What happens when he's put into society? Will his past come back to haunt him?

  • fake it - phan
    8.2K 248 8

    A phanfiction in which Phil is starting to develop an eating disorder and Dan does not understand while he is going through some trouble himself; his existential crisis. This is a collab with @Irene_choocola Read with care. Triggerwarning: anorexia, swearing, possible (attempted) suicide and self harm? There will be...

  • Fine, I'll leave (Phanfiction)
    7.4K 318 20

    "GET OUT" Arguments happen and Phil is told to leave the apartment. Who's knows if it's the last time Dan will talk to him... "Fine, I'll leave" Phil is missing, it's been 2 weeks and Dan blames himself entirely. ** This is supposed to be a emotional story** ( WARNINGS: there may be swearing, violence and depression )

  • Ghost - Phan (#Wattys2016)
    37.3K 2.5K 10

    It was an accident, but Phil blames himself. Dan's gone, but Phil still feels him there. What did it matter if Dan was dead? Nothing.... Nothing mattered anymore.... (Warnings: MC death, depression, attempted self-harm, alcohol and drinking, very angsty, I cried while rereading this so you may cry too) I have no idea...

  • Two Halves of One Soul (Phan AU)
    75.9K 3.6K 16

    Phan!Soulmates AU When soulmates touch, sparks fly... Literally. What will happen when a boy with no interest in finding his soulmate waltzes into Phil's life?

  • Brown Eyes :: Phanfiction
    91.3K 4.1K 28

    Phil was just a regular school boy, until he came out of the closet. Nobody wanted to ever talk to him, or ever come near him. But then there was a new boy who came into town. He actually wanted to talk to Phil. Day by day, Phil couldn't help but slowly fall in love with those brown eyes.

  • You're Different Online (Phan Highschool AU)
    14.6K 583 26

    "D-Dan...I'm sorry..." can't be...that voice i-is all to familiar. "I-It can't be can't be here found out somehow and--" My 'friend' places a hand on my shoulder. I feel tears prick at my eyes. "I know you hate's me...the mystery person..." It sounds as if they are about...

  • deja vu | phan HIATUS INDEFINITELY
    55.6K 4K 20

    whenever phil touches someone for the first time, he sees into the time he touches them for the last time he'll ever touch them. so to speak, phil can see into the future. touristlester© 2016-17

  • Fighting a Feeling (a Phanfiction/other)
    124K 3.4K 19

    Phil can't fight it anymore, he has to accept it. He is in love with Daniel Howell. But how do you tell your best friend that you've secretly been in love with them for the past three years? But things soon change and Dan finds himself in Phil's position.- ALTERNATIVE ENDING TO COME

  • Loving Someone//Phan
    991 252 18

    Dan Howell is a very rebellious, angry teenager (like most). His family, his life, and his hair are all a huge mess. He's been attending the same awful high school for 3 years now, and his only rule of survival is to avoid emotional attachment as much as possible. Phil Lester is probably the most awkward person alive...

  • On Good Days-Phan
    19.3K 886 1

    Author note: YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE THING TO UNDERSTAND. I hope that you understand what I was getting at with this phanfiction. I truly believe that this is one of my best ones. Triggers: any triggers that I could put here would spoil the ending, but if you're a sensitive person, then this may be hard for you to...