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  • Kid Story With Moral Lessons
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    For kids Bedtime stories

  • The Magical Cow | Cartoon For Kids | Moral Stories | Maha Cartoon TV English XD
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    Watch another Short and motivational English story named "The Magical Cow " Cartoons for Kids. In this story there is one farmer who is very honest but his neighbours was not happy because they are richer than that farmer but he seems satisfied and happy with his life hence, they make trouble to him. Maha Cartoon TV E...

  • The three little pigs
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    Yo readers :D this is a story for kids but i also like it , hehe. you may heard of this story but this one is different. Once upon a time there were three little pigs and the time came for them to leave home and seek their fortunes. Before they left, their mother told them " Whatever you do , do it the best that you...

  • Ahway the keeper. The threads of good.
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    This is a short story about how the universe, maybe even wants to answer with multiple good, to your good. Are you ready? Are you a kind person? The story translated using g**gle translate. I ask English-speaking people to leave feedback on the correctness of the translation. Does it sound normal or horrible in your l...

  • The Mythical were wolf
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    This story takes place in the 1900's where a poor boy was cursed by a spell that made him shape-shift every evening you have read this story to know more- For kids Ages 3 and above

  • If You Give a Bear Some Honey
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    This is a children's book that I wrote this for a Geometry - yes, GEOMETRY - project in high school. It turned out better than I'd expected & I am now considering publishing it, after I have some better illustrations of course. I would love to have a published children's book that I can read to my son when he is olde...

  • Mouse Stew and Other Tales
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    Wattys 2016 Winner Visual Storytelling Category. A Wattpad Featured Story. Mouse Stew and Other Tales is a collection of rhyming stories for children about the adventures of five friends - Mouse, Monkey, Bear, Mole and an ethereal creature they call the Woodland Sprite. Each character has its own story and we start wi...

  • Blue Tomorrow
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    Aliens. I am going to be abducted by aliens. That is the single and only thing on my mind right now. The Lillo's could be aliens. An alien family, who only want me so they could eat me. Or worst, make me one of them. I don't want to be an alien. I like humans, and being one. Welcome to Roswell.

  • Peppa Pig's happy life | Story for kids
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    Peppa met her friend Suzy Sheep and they played! Peppa was so happy to have such a good friend as Suzy. Then George came and played with them. Then they ate ice cream.

  • Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
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    [Clawen AU] Two-part Halloween Special to my fic 'It Had to Be You', set about 6 months after their school trip to the zoo. Claire and Owen celebrate Halloween with their kids; trouble makers Mason and Lizzie.

  • The Mystery Mansion- An art trio Halloween story *Completed* (HALLOWEEN!SPECIAL)
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    The cover is drawn by me! Please do not use without my permission!!! This book is Halloween themed so if you want to read it even though it's not Halloween... I'm not gonna stop you man XD Flutter, Lama and Monica all get ready for Halloween with their friends Sub, Denis, and Corl! (Btw this is an AU thing where they...

  • Hallo-weird
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    It’s Halloween night, and something weird has happened – one of the Sour Patch Kids has GONE MISSING. Now we need your help to solve the case! Read this story and choose your own adventure by voting at the end of each chapter to help solve the mystery! Think you know what happened to the Red Kid? Tweet @SourPatchKids...

  • The Chat's Trick or Treat
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    Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste are both spending Halloween alone. But what happens when a wandering cat stumbles upon a blunette in a similar situation as himself? Halloween One-Shot.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden Away (BoyxBoy)
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    Lucas had his Halloween all planned out - cuddle up in bed with bucket loads of mouth watering candy watching horror movies. But a surprise drop-in from his cousins changes his entire plans, forcing Lucas to enter the outside world and communicate with people on the worst night of the year. But seriously, how bad coul...

  • A Dog of My Own
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    11-year-old Jonas Ridley loves dogs. Unfortunately, his mother won't let him have one of his own. But one Christmas, Jonas gets the chance to RENT a dog, and not just any dog but Rascal, the famous four-legged star of Jonas's favorite movie, Canine Commando! Jonas and Rascal have a blast and really bond together, even...

  • story books for kids
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    this is for my baby sis her teeth hurt so I decided to do a book based on a sleepover

  • The little iPad who searched for his charger
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    This book is written by Loeki Books on Wattpad.

  • The Boy Who Cried Ghost: A Ghost Town Mystery
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    Who knew living in a haunted house would be so cool! Nine-year-old Peter Dunlap doesn't particularly like his family's new house. Sure, his room's big enough, and he doesn't have to share a bathroom with his older sister... but he just can't shake the feeling that the previous owner hasn't moved out yet! But, being a...

  • Emily of New Moon (1923)
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    (Book 1 of Emily Starr trilogy) Emily Starr never knew what it was to be lonely -- until her beloved father died and her snobbish relatives are taking her to live with them at New Moon Farm. *This story belongs to L. M. Montgomery. I don't own anything.

  • New Generation at Malory Towers
    17.9K 675 19

    "Ooh, this is so exciting!" "Grandma, remember it is me going to Malory Towers, not you!" Darrell glanced sheepishly at her granddaughter. "Sorry, Lily. I just know you will love it there. Oh, look at your uniform! It's almost exactly he same as mine was. Have you packed? You know I have to get you to the train statio...

  • The Fires Beneath the Sea (A Novel)
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    Cara’s mother has disappeared. Her father isn’t talking about it. Her big brother Max is hiding behind his iPod, and her genius little brother Jackson is busy studying the creatures he collects from the beach. But when a watery specter begins to haunt the family’s Cape Cod home, Cara and her brothers realize that thei...

  • Born of Shadow - Book 1 (complete)
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    On her seventeenth birthday, Kami receives a mysterious artifact and a ticket to visit her estranged grandparents in Egypt. When she arrives, no one is there to meet her. Alone in an unfamiliar country, she discovers their disappearance is only part of a greater threat. Whispers of strange creatures made of a shadowy...

  • The Mountain Dancer
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    Shay is kinda shy, Rekness is sort of withdrawn. She'd rather study history than her society's renown Artwork. He's the academy's star Artwork pupil. Normally they'd never talk, but a chance encounter and a certain graduation dance are about to change all that. Meanwhile, a stranger with a blue cloak and pink hair sli...

  • The Bloodstone Prophecy - Book 2 (complete)
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    The series continues with Book 2 in The Shadow Wars series: THE BLOODSTONE PROPHECY, the sequel to Born of Shadow! Kami and her friends are racing from the shadow creatures. Time is running out, and it is more vital than ever that she learn to understand the power of her scarab necklace to save the ones she loves. Fe...

  • Beyond the Starline
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    An orphaned child. A mysterious device. Cut-throat pirates who'd kill to get it. When her mother is killed by pirates, a young girl is thrust into a dangerous quest to find the father she never knew... Harriet Howland is happy to day-dream, listening to the tales of adventure the roguish sky monkey Sibelius tells her...

  • Nikolas and Company Book #1: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten
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    ****Featured on Wattpad and @Fantasy *** A horde of dark creatures chase a mermaid and her husband to their underwater fortress. Only fourteen-year-old Nikolas and his friends can save them. Happy to escape an apocalyptic future with its refugee camps and nannydrones, Nick convinces his friends to make the journe...

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    Skylah's Road Trip is now in paperback on Amazon. It features 30+ beautiful illustration pages for your child to enjoy. I guarantee they will love it. 'Skylah's Road Trip' is about a little girl and her sight seeing adventures while driving to her Grandma's house.

  • The Secret Lake
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    When Stella and her younger brother, Tom, move to their new London home, they become mystified by the disappearances of Harry, their elderly neighbour's small dog. Where does he go? And why does he keep reappearing wet-through? Their quest to solve the riddle over the summer holidays leads to a boat buried under a gr...

  • Bedtime Stories
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    This book contains beautiful bedtime stories for kids and toddlers. Go on and read the stories around for your kids and have fun. This book is written by a 12 year boy.