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  • The McCarty Twins
    647K 13.9K 11

    Coming home from behavioral boarding school is normally a happy time. But it's tough when your parents forget about your return and aren't home. It's even harder when you see your twin sister about to take her life. Alexis McCarty is rude, loud and rebellious. Jasmine McCarty is shy, quiet and a ballerina. Weird thing...

  • As Long As She Lives (full published version!)
    1.1M 24.2K 37

    NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WOMAN WHO SURVIVED. Highest rank # 1 in Mystery/Thriller! Written on Wattpad and now published worldwide in print and eBook (in ePub and Kindle) at the usual retailers! Back Cover Blurb: After 4 years teaching in central Africa, Caitlyn Lancaster returns to her family in Australia, telling the...

  • Plan B
    2.9M 57.5K 57

    Plan A might have been just as dangerous as the police insisted it was safe. It involved being locked away, out of sight and communication, and didn't solve the problem that Fran's stalkers seemed to have access to police files and data. Plan B the police didn't know about, and while the stalkers were at least tempo...

  • Don't Tell Him He's In Love With A Genius
    125K 2.8K 30

    Ocyne Liyla is one of the world's favourite authors. Her life is a secret, unknown to even her most enthusiastic fans. Why is this? Because Ocyne Liyla, named top ten authors in literature, is 15 years old. Attending a school for the intellectually gifted, Ocyne is the second smartest person in the world. Living i...

  • Wolf Prints
    928K 16.4K 23

    Luna has problems. Bigger problems than simply being a werewolf. She ran away from her Pack, making her a rogue - something unheard of. Females are rare, and viciously protected, so why would she leave the safety of Pack life to fend for herself? Well, Luna has secrets. Ones that could destroy her. So what happens wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Handcuffs or Jail?
    52.2K 1.1K 28

    Life sucks. It's just that simple. Her family is dead. She's been tortured her entire life- physically and mentally. And now, she's forced with the choice of being either be handcuffed to the guy she was arrested for arguing with, to 'work out their differences', or go to jail for 2 years and lose her scholarship to...

  • The Cheerleader And The Cage Fighter.... Are Dance Partners?
    10.1M 137K 44

    Kaydie Smithson is that girl that everybody thinks is perfect, she's the cheerleader captain and comes from a wealthy family. Liam is a cage fighter who is seen as a bad guy at school. What happens when their paths cross and Liam asks Kaydie to ditch her Miss Perfect image and be his dance partner?

  • The Wolf In Me
    164K 2.9K 26

    Cassie is alone in the world. Alone, unloved but not dejected. Being away from pack life is all she's ever wanted. Mating, Alphas and rules the only things that shake fear into her heart - the only thing other than her fathers murderer. At five years old she watched her dad killed by a mysterious black wolf and still...

  • The Oracle
    696K 8.7K 34

    Izzy thinks life is hard as a six foot dysfunctional goth, but life loves to throw a curve ball every now and again and when your curve ball comes in the shape of a six foot five hunk of werewolf simply being a social outcast sounds pretty sweet indeed!