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  • The Admin's Reign: A Spark of Hope
    552 28 21

    I may have been young, but I still remember a time when my world was free...Then he came, The Admin. ___________________________ "He's not like the other soldiers," Romeo said. "There's a spark of hope behind his eyes." "Surely, it's not that big a deal, he still must be weary of his actions for his sister's s...

  • Royalty And Tears (Minecraft Story Mode)
    15.8K 287 20

    When the New Order found a princess, who knows what could happen! Then when this princess devolves a crush on Jesse, making Petra jealous. What could happen? (Credit for the art goes to original artist)

  • Story Mode Oneshots :3
    129K 3.2K 121

    I'm gonna be writing one-shots for a lot of ships I like, feel free to request some! Cover Art isn't mine :)

  • Escaping Together (MCSM Jetra Fanfic)
    4K 90 5

    "In exchange for your freedom, I'll let your friends go." "..." "This time, I swear I won't cheat again." " have a deal." *Cover by me!

  • MCSM One-shots ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
    17.7K 291 12

    Minecraft Story Mode One-shots XD But. No lemons pls. Enjoy!! Cover by artists, Edited by me!

  • The secrets of A young Boy
    14.2K 378 40

    Jesse was a young boy who was lost in the woods since he was three-months old. His parents died during a fire and he was the only one to survive. A red dragon finds him and raised him as his own child. While the dragon took care of the young child he learns that Jesse holds a strong powers and told Jesse to never use...

  • Love Is Trust (Minecraft Story Mode)
    10.7K 159 8

    There can't be love without trust. Being trustworthy is all that matters. (A Jesstra Fanfic) This starts in episode 1 after Petra saved Jesse in the woods after finding Reuben. (Credit for the art goes to original artist)

  • New Crush (Minecraft Story Mode)
    13.5K 243 11

    High School AU: Petra is a new student in school, she's tough, independent, a bystander and helps people. However one problem is that Jesse has a huge crush on her and can't tell her how he feels. Will he tell her? (Another Jesstra fanfic) (Credit for the art goes to original artist)

  • Never Stop Fighting (MCSM Jestra) Fanfiction
    11.1K 290 16

    After the Witherstorm and Sky City problem, Jesse quickly find themselves in a new adventure, and it was a tough one. Jesse and Petra had gotten closer, and eventually they fell for each other. But what happens when Aiden tries to stop them AND Jesse? (I know they didn't come back after Sky City, but just go with it.)