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  • Disintegrate - Z.M
    920 90 10

    Zayn loves Ali. In a way that makes his toes curl and his chest ache. In a way that erases sight and sound and sets him alight. He believes his atoms have collided for no other reason than to meet hers. But Ali isn't as sure. Sure, love is beautiful and rosy, but it's also raw and bitter, acidic enough to corrode you...

  • Psycho ➳ H.S.
    2.4M 59.2K 21

    "He clenched his fists to bring himself back to earth, shutting off the tap. He stood stationary, wondering if anything he had been thinking for the last five minutes made any sense at all. Every thought was about her; he wanted her more than anyone. He came down to one conclusion: he was truly obsessed with her." Co...

    Completed   Mature
  • 925 miles | z.m. au
    72.2K 2.4K 24

    “925 miles is a long way to go for one girl,” Mary says, chewing on her bottom lip. “Well, you’re a spectacular girl.” And Mary only frowns and tries to blink away the gathering tears. “Perhaps I’m not as spectacular as you think.”

  • Milk Carton Kids (Larry Stylinson AU One Shot)
    19.5K 475 1

    "Time is now abstract, but not of the essence. Any and all meaning it once held has been destroyed, leaving Harry unsure of whether weeks have passed or months. Time seems never ending now, no one to talk to, nothing to do, no motivation for either even if they were options. " Sometimes, we try to save people. Sometim...

  • Twelve Black Roses // h.s
    423 22 1

    Once she saw the dark rose perched on her doorstep, she knew her life was over.

  • Hallucinations // h.s
    383 45 3

    "In this world of deception, you're my only reality."

  • Infatuated ( l.t.+ h.s.)
    131K 6.4K 10

    In which Louis develops an unhealthy infatuation with the painstakingly endearing, clumsy boy across the hall, even though really- he's way too young for him.

  • Aesthetics ➳ z.m. au
    8.1M 237K 49

    Blank [blangk] adj., having no marks Zayn [z\ain\] n., the boy with coffee colored irises In which he adds words to his vocabulary, and she adds ink to her skin. ✖ all rights reserved 2013 © cathartics completed 04 04 17