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  • The Devil's Assistant (Watty Awards Finalist 2011)
    2.1M 46K 35

    Single mother Savannah thinks all of her prayers have been answered when she is offered a job at one of the largest media companies in the world. Desperate for money, she has no choice to accept but soon finds herself getting more than she bargained for. Her new boss is Mr Satani. A six foot god of a man who is the b...

  • Cypress Alley
    5K 281 30

    When Eli and his overly-enthusiastic sister are faced with a murder, they set out to find the murderer on their own. Working in secret, hiding their mission from their callous foster mother, they find themselves in unfamiliar situations. As they delve deeper into the case, their friendship is tested and hope diminishe...

  • Breaking Steele (Sarah Steele Legal Thriller)
    364K 26.9K 58

    From USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Aaron Patterson, the New York Times bestselling BREAKING STEELE. Who is Sarah Steele? The successful, happy ADA or the wild, angry vigilante? Sarah Steele has a lot to prove. Foster care brat turned successful Assistant District Attorney, she's enjoying her magica...

  • Killing Me Softly (#Wattys2016)
    398K 29.5K 97

    On a bitterly cold January evening, Tracy Ellis went for a jog along Chicago's snowy lakefront and disappeared. Her body is discovered days later, her beautiful face bashed in with a rock. Police determine her brutal death to be a mugging gone wrong and drop the matter into their cold case files. Over a year later, T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Consumed
    1M 60.9K 24

    Confessions from a murderer. This is what Lucy Hanson uncovers after reading a journal she finds in a secondhand desk. She soon develops a dangerous desire to discover the identity of the journal's author. With the police hot on the killer's trail, will she find the answers she's looking for? Or will her unhealthy obs...

  • Pitch Black (Romantic Thriller, Completed)
    934K 38.9K 45

    Even a Diamond can be shattered... After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear - her home, her friends, her job in special ops - she builds a new life for herself in England. As Ashlyn Hale, she meets Luke, a handsome local who...

  • What Now?
    1.9K 400 32

    It's been a few months since NaNo. You've got a manuscript, hopefully with at least 50,000 words (if it's not that long, we won't judge). But what the heck do you do with it NOW? If you've ever asked yourself that question, then this guide is for you.

  • Pub Chatter - 5th Edition
    4.4K 890 52

    Welcome to our weekly newsletter. Published every Sunday, you can find here, all the latest news and updates on the activities of the Poets Pub.

  • How to NaNoWriMo
    19.3K 1.4K 11

    Have you heard of NaNoWriMo (November is National Novel-Writing Month) but are unsure of how to get started? Or maybe you're just looking to write a book and need some guidance? I got you covered either way.

  • My Sister's Keeper
    1M 47.2K 62

    After his sister is brutally attacked and crippled investigating the rape of a thirteen-year-old, Richard Baimbridge rushes back to his hometown of Wilmington, NC, to assist in her recovery only to come face to face with his tormented past and a dark family secret. Serving as his sister's legs, he fights to stay above...

  • Mystery Contests & Writing Prompts
    106K 3.6K 45

    There are always new mysteries to solve, so what're you waiting for? Challenge yourself with our latest contests and prompts. Winners will have a chance to be featured in Chills & Thrills!

  • The Writers XL Podcast
    2.6K 274 54

    Do most "advice" books and podcasts for writers make you cringe? Yup, same. Welcome to Writers XL, a podcast devoted to better, more joyous writing for all! Co-hosts LL Montez and Shelly X Leonn share steal-and-use strategies beneficial to writers of any skill level. Episodes include epic-level guests, personal anec...

  • Goats from Lambs
    423K 16.4K 44

    Headless bodies start appearing in the streets, so cunning Detective Rashida Heyes and her partner have to stop the killer to prevent the apocalypse ***** After bodies start appearing in the middle of the streets, hollowed and headless, Detective R...

    Completed   Mature
  • White Meat
    78.4K 3.8K 7

    [LGBTQ/Short Story] I caught my bully kissing another guy. For him, this made ME a nasty little problem. --- Made it to #61 in Short Story Featured on the official @LGBTQ profile

  • Dorthy
    46.3K 5.3K 73

    Zombies and werewolves and witches, oh my! Dorothy is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school, hangs out and resists the advances of the boys in her year. And she lives with her aunt after the death of her parents. A trip to a mall is brought to an abrupt halt when a freak storm hits. Dorothy is transported to ano...

  • Love, Inherited
    75.4K 4.4K 33

    Hayden barely knew her aunt Dee. When big shot lawyer Warren Williams called to say she had been left an inheritance Hayden thought it would be a piece of jewelry or a small sum of cash. Nothing prepared her for owning and running a beach resort. Suddenly the part time artist finds herself swimming in a sea of hot g...

  • Jack
    18.9K 1.7K 29

    Do you know Jack? The Ripper? Saucy Jack? Leather Apron? The most infamous serial killer in history has long been fodder for the imagination of authors and artists alike, but his true identity remains an enigma to this day. Take a fresh look at the notorious Murderer of Whitechapel through the eyes and quills of Wattp...

  • CRIMINAL (On Hold)
    27.5K 2.1K 13

    "The Murderer's Daughter." That's how Calla Vinson is known around the halls of Jackson High School. Unable to hide from her father's past murder conviction and prison stint, Calla does her best to avoid the relentless bullies and survive the final month of her Junior year. When her classmates start disappearing and...

  • Regret (Book 2, the Redemption Series)
    27.7K 1.2K 56

    When Jake Bryant's daughter is kidnapped for ransom, he's forced to gamble with her life in order to discover which of his enemies has taken her hostage. ***** When Jake Bryant learns his daughter, Sam, has been caught abusing prescription drugs, he...

  • Pyre - A Novelette Featuring the Avebury Witches
    8.4K 1.1K 13

    WATTPAD FEATURED The year is 1601 and hate is burning high. Rosy Coldron is a witch. Bill Ignatius is a witch hunter. They are desperately in love. But what future can they have in a world ruled by hate, fear and prejudices? PYRE tells the story of their love. Warning - contains spoilers for the Avebury Witches Cozy M...

  • Natalie's Diary
    1.8M 92.5K 43

    When Jane Madarang's neighbor Natalie kills herself and leaves behind cryptic instructions, it's up to Jane and her classmates to unearth deadly secrets. ***** Natalie Driscoll is dead. She threw herself out a window and left her neighbor Jane to u...

  • The Dream Traveler
    112K 11.1K 39

    Being engaged to a fiery world that's lost in the darkness of her memory can be dangerous. In Acklemar, Wren learns every decision has a price--even love. Can the Travelers reach her in time to uncover the hidden secrets of her past and help her find her future? Or will she pay the ultimate price for the right to choo...

  • Needle In A Haystack
    3.9K 504 25

    A satire . Roger is dead, murdered, and the suspects are piling up like leaves in Autumn fall. With his troubles on this earth over, and the Irish version of Police Academy on the case, Roger can rest in a kind of peace...But no one else can. Expect highly irreverent scenes in a satirical who dunnit, filled with ambi...

  • Chronicles of a Wineaux: Chicken Soup Can't Heal Cell Phones [Unabridged]
    27.3K 23 1

    This story, retitled Against My Better Judgment, is set for PUBLICATION in mid-late 2020 by The Wild Rose Press. [A WP FEATURED STORY] [ShoreIndie Contest Semifinalist] [2nd Place Heavenly Awards 2017] [NBR Spotlighted Chapter] Dangerously armed with a pregnant imagination & observation skills bordering on stalkin...

  • On Earth's Altar
    72.8K 5.7K 54

    The discovery of a prehistoric body sets in motion a cataclysmic chain of events long prophesied by mystics. Still grieving his mother's death, Seattle bachelor Peter Barshman receives a cryptic message from his estranged father. As he ponders its meaning, he is approached by Nechama Davila, a young Israeli archaeolo...

  • Mortal Sin - Sin Book II
    4.1K 459 17

    The toss of a coin can change your life. Vehicles can crash into buildings. Cities can crumble. A man can die. And be reborn. When your memory is lost and Death is your shadow, you turn to the only person who has offered their hand - a strange, evasive woman with pale skin and sad eyes. But who is she...

  • Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition III (August 2017)
    137K 11.9K 115

    Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition III! Round SIX of this popular event is coming your way the entire month of August 2017 and it's going to be epic! The invites have started to roll out and everyone from your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, to USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, to talented up an...

  • Puddlebrain
    8.3K 1.9K 46

    What good is a witch without her magic? Puddlebrain, Gemini and Edna are witches. Unfortunately, after an incident with the mayor and a family of silverfish, they've all lost their magic. When a sinister shadow begins to abduct the villagers and then her sisters, Puddlebrain, with only the obnoxious gnome Billy for h...

  • Gifted Souls - Shift
    68.2K 4.6K 65

    What's it like being someone else for a day? Ask fifteen-year-old Bowen Janssen. He'll tell you. In fact, he'll tell you what it's like being anyone you want to be. A celebrity? Easy. A police officer? No problem. A ruthless psychopath? If you want to. He can tell you all of this because he has a gifted soul, one th...

  • #Wattys2015 The Ghost of James Fitzpatrick
    2.7K 330 52

    Sarah Netherby is enjoying her unremarkable life as a junior at Arden High School, when her world is turned upside down by the arrival of an uninvited guest in her bedroom who turns to Sarah for help. He brings with him the secrets of his past, including his own death.