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  • My Adopted Brother is an Emo Freak (boyxboy)
    123K 3.1K 15

    Ish Evans is a a gay teenage boy who gets adopted by the Peneli family. Jake Peneli is a homophobic jerk. Jake hates Ish. Ish hates Jake, but he knows deep down he feels something. But will they ever be together when Jake's personality and past keep getting in the way? Or will a mysterious legend take control of their...

  • My Adopted Brother
    5K 54 20

    You're A 16 Year Old Senior In High School Going Through Your Ups And Downs When Your Parents Decide To Adopt A Boy The Same Age & Grade As You. Will You Fall In Love With Him? Will He Be Trouble? Or Will Be A Mistake? © 2013 Madison Nichele All Rights Reserved

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling For My 5 Stepbrothers
    132K 3.7K 32

    Storm's mom gets remarried to Mr.Valentine, and if you think Storm was mad, guess how she felt when she found of she had 5 new stepbrothers.

  • The Adopted Brother
    19.9K 311 3

    Hadlee is the daughter of a wealthy couple. Her father, Andrew, is usually away on business but they have a strong bond, and her mother, Rose, use to be a model but gave it up after she had Hadlee so she can always be there for their daughter. When Rose finds out she can't give Hadlee another sibling, Rose and Andrew...

  • Falling for my brother
    1.9K 455 14

    Ethan's P.O.V I stared at the 40 year old man who was holding the 16 year old next to him.. "Hello is this Ethan Hawke?" The mans asked with concern in his deep voice..i looked at them and noted my head.. "Yes that's me how can i help you?" The 40 year old man looked at me.. "Sir i cane hire to grant you're fathers wi...

  • My Brother Is My Mate?
    498K 13.9K 40

    Julia or J and Dylan Ryder are step brother and sister. Due to a incident from centuries ago Dylan and J are mates. J feels that it's very wrong and tries to deny the fact that they are mates. But how long can she tell her self that? ------------------------ I'm going to be honest. The grammar mistakes are CRINGY in...

  • Falling For My Brother
    70.2K 1.8K 17

    He was the one. The one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. But I knew I didn't have a single chance. Since I was slowly dying and he had years to go. I didn't choose to have cancer, yet no one chooses to have cancer. It's disease. A ghost haunting your life deciding where you go and when you disapp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Im In Love With My Brother
    3.2M 60.9K 122

    Mature - incest Sequal: Athena "Justin, stop." I giggle squirming in my big brother's arms as he continues to tickle me mercilessly. "Not till you say it. I am way hotter than Cristiano Ronaldo. And a better player too." "In your dreams!" "Yeah, then why is this happening in yours?" Gah! I was dreaming again! I hav...

    Completed   Mature
  • Getting It Straight
    5.6M 117K 35

    Fiona Pearce is the kind of girl who can never say no to anyone. As long as she can do something to help out, she'll do it in a heartbeat. So when her father faces a problem and asks for her help to find her missing brother, Finn, in a school where he works at, she's more than willing to extend a hand and go the...

  • The Boy in the Woods (2014 Wattys Winner, Wattpad Version)
    8M 309K 62

    A newly expanded and professionally edited version of the Boy in the Woods is now available for sale as an ebook and paperback! Buy it at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and many other online outlets. Winner of the 2014 Wattys Talk of the Town award. After a devastating accident takes Jess's parents, a c...

  • The Plans for You
    1.5M 39.5K 49

    Oakley, a Christian, is focused on finding God and getting into college. When a bargain with a friend to come to church ends with her raped and pregnant, her priorities drastically shift. How can she just tell everyone she is pregnant? What will they all think? How can she just throw out the rape story as if it doesn'...

  • The Mafia And His Angel (Tainted Hearts, #1,2&3) (PREVIEW ONLY)
    44.6M 276K 22

    The Mafia and His Angel, a love story of a lifetime - a love story between two broken souls yet they found peace in each other. #1 in romance, with 40 Million Views and 1.3 million votes #Aylessio ONLY PREVIEW - 6 chapters! The book has been picked up by a publisher, hence the rest of the book has been taken down. (...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Younger Brother. #Wattys2016
    144K 4.4K 33

    Damien Beck Marshale develops feelings for his younger brother Vladimir. Soon after they start dating their parents Alestor Von Marshale and Daniel Mason Alec divorce. While Vladimir gets ready to go away for collage on a musical and poetry type scholarship in New York City, Damien gets a baseball scholarship to Tusca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken boy.
    60.1K 2.7K 15

    Three years later, Wynter has grown into an 18 year old wreck. He barely talks to his brothers and his father is making his life completely miserable. What happens when Wynter thinks that his life is not worth living anymore? Book two to: Brothers say what?!

  • The Call (girl x girl) (lesbian stories)
    2.4K 115 21

    girlxgirl Main Character List: Chelsae Ray is a quite and laid back girl. Around her bestfriend and family she is just a regular teenage girl who likes to have fun. She lives in a house of testosterone. She lives with her brother Mj (Michael) and her father. Since Chelsae wasn't raised by her mom she doesn't much know...

  • The Deaf Girl Can Talk
    41.8K 1.1K 11

    Much thanks to killsyourvibes for making this cover and for helping me for making the story line of this book The Deaf Girl Can Talk : Izzy was born with 60 percent hearing loss in both ears, but it never really fazed her in her point of view she heard just fine but to be honest she never heard any louder, Izzy learne...

  • Hallelujah
    57.9K 2.2K 70

    Alexandria White : a proper church girl who has never lived a day in her life. Brendon Urie : the pastor's son who demands to live a life full of nothing but thrill. what happens when their paths cross? do opposites really attract? - "I wanted a change in life. I want to finally feel a rush in my bones. the night I a...

  • Falling for the Blind girl (book 1)
    286K 9.5K 43

    Completed   Mature