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  • (AVP fanfiction) Unsuspected Hunter {Wattys2017}
    9.9K 377 12

    Scar, Wolf, Celtic and Chopper come to Earth to hunt something. While there Scar sees an ooman girl ambushed. He helps her and he sees she is no ordinary ooman. Plot belongs to me. Scar, Celtic, Chopper and Wolf do NOT (although I wish they did) belong to me. I only own the plot. Main character also belongs to me.

  • Unblooded
    31.1K 1.6K 22

    Elise Dwight was only nine years old when a Yaujta Predator, ship landed on her family's farm. Her parents left to seek out the threat but did not return, so she takes matters into her own hands. Elder Gwan-thwei and his elites landed on the farm to hunt down a suspected Badblood, a predator who no longer follows the...

  • The Werewolf Ooman and the yautja
    14K 384 15

    A human that is not. But a huge white sliver with scarlet red hair wolf by birth and the yautja planet gets a shock of their life. Silver whom is my made up character. Has fur that is mostly at the time it's fur is sliver white. Yet at Spring and fall Silver's fur is silvery shine coat with bright yet deep scarlet red...

  • Heart of the Hunt
    1.2K 48 2

    Flown to Chihuahuan Desert by the government forces, Doctor Desz Evans joins a team of scientist formed together by the U.S. Government. Informed on the strange sightings of Extraterrestrial beings and actions, the team is set out to find the problem and dispose of it before it becomes viral and sets Earth off into a...

  • I Survived Them (Under Reconstruction)
    41.6K 1.4K 30

    Yes, this is yet another Predator Fanfiction. (If you enjoy a good book that's a something a little "different" than your average story, I believe you have found your choice of poison...) [Highest Rank: No. 1 in the #yautja tag.] Our story begins with Eden Forakre. A nearly 16 year old human girl from the year 198...

    Completed   Mature
  • Human! Predator x reader
    91.8K 1.5K 21

    First time doing a alien x reader story so yea! And I haven't been on for a while! So it's about damn time I did something! XD amd im in canada! Yay :3