lexi2013class's Reading List

  • Dominate me, Alpha
    • SharpThorn
    • 23 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    1.4M 21.7K

    Domina was never the sweet, girly girl who waited for her prince. She always hit her target, was the fastest and among the strongest in the pack. She could not...

  • Talk Dirty to Me- Complete
    • MercyRose
    • 13 parts
    2.4M 21.4K

    Maya Hargrove has everything in her life going for her. She's a senior in high school, runs cross country track and her father is second in command of the Pac...

  • Shy Girl Mated to the Big Bad Alpha
    • AnonymousArtist
    • 1 part
    42.7K 520

    Naomi is a shy girl with a tough life. Being at a new school with an agressive foster mom and two younger siblings to take care of, life certainly hasn't been...

  • Violate Me
    • monkogs12
    • 3 parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    75.4K 2.1K

    He's detached. Heartless, cruel and unforgiving. But he's also the most aggressive, strongest Alpha to exist. He's feared, he's admired- he's beautiful. All Co...

  • Players Don't Mate
    • xoxZeeNadiinexox
    • 30 parts
    311K 3.1K

    Melissa Sandoval, eighteen year old teenager, has been abused her whole entire life. She was left alone ever since her parents died in a car crash when she was...

  • Little Miss Perfect
    • writerbug44
    • 49 parts
    7.4M 200K

    -This book isn't non-fiction, so there are things that are incorrect in here. Please don't try to correct them- (Unedited) Lindsay Wilson was born different fr...