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  • Dicklicious | completed
    1.5K 21 2

    Inspired by that typical 'I found a dick shaped piece of meat in my food' story in the news. Dedicated to the friend who told me about the news story. *names are different from the actual news story* -- An average forty-year-old woman decided to order takeaway. She didn't expect to find a dick shaped piece of meat in...

  • The Nerdy Bad Girl | completed
    1.5M 45.2K 43

    *NOT A FANFIC* Abigail Simmons and her twin brother, Tony, moves schools for their last year. Why? Well, let's just say one of them got kicked out of their last school. Abi makes her very bold entrance into her new school as quite the badass. Obviously no one entirely expected that from a girl, especially one who als...

  • Broken | completed
    1.3M 43.3K 46

    Nova Wolfe, an ordinary werewolf. Kaden Clark, a strong Alpha. ~ Kaden Clark, the typical Alpha who has been looking forward to finally finding his mate. After waiting many years thinking he wouldn't have one, he finally finds her. Her name? Nova Wolfe. Kaden is ecstatic, but Nova is afraid of being hurt again. Key wo...

  • The Bad Boy's Kid | completed
    420K 11.7K 27

    People say sex is for people who are in a loving relationship, but you can't help it if you're intoxicated. Cassie Matthews has a one night stand with the bad boy of her school, Jacob Hays. She doesn't tell him she got pregnant by him as she never thought she would see him again. Three years down the line, he shows up...

  • Going For The Bad Boy | completed
    434K 16.8K 67

    SPIN OFF to My Brother's Best Friend: In which Riley somewhat follows in her mum's footsteps; going for the bad boy. ~ Highest rank; #57 in Romance (18th April 2016) NO SMUT. If you want smut, move along. Cover credit: Marina_Olimpia

  • The Bad Boy's Girl | completed
    237K 8.9K 30

    Alex and Abi are at university. Different ones though. Its a shame isn't it? They left on good terms - in love. But long distance relationships don't last too long, do they? Will their love stay strong or will it perish? -- COVER CREDIT: Emnabm2 (seriously, she makes awesome covers)

  • Being The Alpha Female | completed
    176K 6.2K 26

    Chloe Johnson, daughter of Elliot and Emily Johnson, is next in line to be the Alpha. But she's going to be the Alpha Female. Her title is threatened when she meets her Alpha mate, Caleb Rodrigo. He wants her to be his Luna but she has dedicated her life to her soon to be pack. What will she do? Who will she choose, h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Human and The Alpha | completed
    1M 29K 35

    Humans and werewolves coexist, but it's a rarity for a human and a werewolf to be mated. Emily Johnson finds herself not only mated to a werewolf, but to an Alpha. A somewhat cold hearted Alpha.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Possessive Alpha | completed
    3.2M 71.9K 28

    Alexis Lee finds her possessive Alpha mate, Dylan Zanders. Not only is he the Alpha, he happens to be popular and quite the ladies man. He has quite a few ladies surrounding him. But, obviously being an Alpha, he drops everything for Lexi. But her first impression is to run! With Dylan being so possessive, can Lexi su...

  • The Prince and the Beast (boyxboy) | completed
    109K 4K 11

    Who knew that one person's Cinderella-like fairytale could be the beginning for someone else's fairytale? - *First ever boyxboy story* Highest rank in Short Story: #317 (20th Jan 2017)

  • The Mystery Man | completed
    191K 6.8K 100

    "What happened? Are you okay?" "It was weird, it was as if I was dancing with Lucifer himself." ~ In which a girl believes she has met Lucifer, the Devil. --- COVER CREDIT: peakybooo (give her some love, she's honestly an amazing person) Highest rank in Short Story: #53 (14th Jan 2017)

  • My Brother's Best Friend | completed
    5.3M 131K 55

    Kylie Sawyer moves in with her older brother, Jake, and his roommate/best friend, Damian King. With Damian being a player, he tries his charm on with Kylie. Can she resist his charm or will she fall for her brother's best friend? ~WHEN THE CODE IS BROKEN, THERE'S NO TURNING BACK~ Warning: possible cheesiness overload...

  • His Little Princess | completed
    368K 10.1K 17

    Bad boys: people view them as unfit fathers. Why? Well, their bad boy lifestyle of course. That's where Asher Cain comes in. Throughout his whole high school life, he was that mysterious bad boy player. Drugs, underage drinking, sleeping around.. That's what he got into. And then we have the innocent one: Juliet Harp...