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  • The Dorm
    11.8K 698 14

    Andrea Wilson joins River Town University Of Arts. She moves into the hostel . Soon after she moves in, she starts receiving phone calls from an unknown stranger in mid night. Soon it becomes worse. More weird things starts to happen. Her past starts to haunt her..taking a toll on her everyday Why is all this happeni...

  • From Darkness
    60.9K 1.6K 27

    A story of love in times of darkness, of all kinds of love. This is the story of Ivy and her loved ones before the Second World War in Nazi Germany. They say history was written by the victors, but what about the history of the defeated? See the unseen side of history, through the Germans' eyes. Ivy is a conflicted g...

  • Butterfly Aubade
    200K 2.7K 6

    A mere girl of a common scholar class is swept from her peaceful life to something bigger. Now picked upon as a candidate for the second son of the emperor, she's thrown into a world of discord and trickery. Behind the illusion of a peaceful life, power struggles revolving around love and happiness are vital for survi...

  • Chasing Cecilia
    729K 28.7K 35

    *It is not love that is blind, but we that are blind to love* When Cecilia's abusive father gambles her to her childhood enemy, forcing the two to marry, Cecilia sees a chance to escape her father. But will she go from bad to worse stuck in a hate-filled marriage with the man she has despised for eternity, or will the...

  • The Duke's Daughter -Wattys2014 Collector's Dream Award Winner-
    1.3M 17.9K 89

    The Duke of Marlborough has signed betrothal contracts on behalf of his daughter, Lady Arianna Kent. But Arianna is not the type to blindly follow her father's biddings. It is not long before Arianna has different plans for her life and as the wedding date draws near, she sets sail for the colonies. Life isn't as easy...