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  • Camp Enigma
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    While running away from the ghosts of her past, Brielle Peterson found something she never expected she would find. A safe haven for people like her. The magis. As happy and safe as she feels at Camp Enigma, her new home and with her new family, she knows that there is still a manhunt out there, searching for her, a...

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    it was just supposed to be fun. a weekend getaway to a stupid old family cabin in the middle of the woods. drinking and laughing. playing games. telling secrets. making s'mores. just the eight of us with nothing but each other and zero cell service. it was just supposed to be a game. truth or dare. harmless, right? du...

  • The Creative Reviews | Season One
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    [X] OPEN [ ] TEMPORARILY CLOSED Are you looking for a way to improve your writing skills? Then you went to the right place! Here, I can guarantee you that your book will be inspected carefully, and we will be able to provide each and every one of you the most enlightening reviews that we can.

  • The Purple Awards (CLOSED)
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    Hit #615 in Random and 7K views on 9-14-17! | No longer accepting entries! | Welcome readers and writers to the Purple Awards! What exactly are the Purple Awards? Well, it's a contest for Wattpaders of all ages to display their skill in writing! It doesn't matter to me a bit how many followers, reads, or votes you...

  • snapTALES: Snapchat Flash Fiction (FEATURED)
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    ***A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY!*** I recently started posting flash fiction (most of it very silly) to my Snapchat and decided to save and share them here on Wattpad. I'll post to Snapchat every day, and add the stories to this book every Friday (I know most people don't like getting Wattpad updates every day). If you wa...

  • The Apollo Awards (Closed for Now)
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    Would you like more reads, votes, comments, or maybe some recognition? Well, sign up for these awards! Read for more information!

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    JuSt A bUnCh Of RaNdOm StUfF sTuFfEd InTo OnE bOoK !!! A lOt Of ShOrT sToRiEs AnD cHaLlEnGeS !!! EvErYtHiNg I aM tAgGeD tO dO wIlL nOw Be In ThIs BoOk As WeLl !!! EnJoY !!! JuSt To LeT yOu KnOw, ThE sHoRt StOrIeS wIlL oFtEn Be VeRy VeRy ShOrT!!!

  • Hi
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    Hello. I am a book. I would like a reader. Will you please help me. I've been terribly bored here.