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  • Sea Green and Coffee Beans (Riren/Ereri)
    140K 6K 35

    Hange gives Levi a new pet, Neko Eren. Levi and Eren fight through the troubles of their pasts together and fall in love. Mostly fluff, some smut Cover Art does not belong to me.

  • Haise Sasaki - Watching From Afar
    10.8K 361 25

    Black to white. Black and white. They blur together...just like us two. But the opposite. I blur into this crowd. While you blur out of this crowd. Because you're different. You're...strong unlike me. Haise Sasaki X Character

  • So not Sure《S.H.》
    3.9K 198 1


  • A Long Time Ago....( Sasaki Haise x Reincarnated! Reader)
    35.6K 1.1K 24

    A girl and boy once met. In the girl's past life her memories of everything she experienced were erased along with her knowledge of her ghoul friends....She currently started living her new life but, she feels as if something is missing. She keeps seeing a boy that she cannot remember.Will her memories return? (First...

  • Tokyo Ghoul (Various x reader) One-shots
    134K 2.4K 29

    Tokyo Ghoul one-shots. Featuring characters x readers. I do not own anything related to Tokyo Ghoul except the scenarios you are reading. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy

  • Tokyo Ghoul boyfriend scenarios~!
    122K 2.3K 13

    !WARNING!: discontinued! This story is discontinued, read if you want to but there will be no more updates.

  • Kaneki x Reader Oneshots
    66.4K 1.6K 29

    hello~ this is a book filled with mediocre writing and stupid plot lines that don't make sense half of the time. but, nonetheless I try to write and hope that you would like to read my kaneki x reader one shots~! discontinued.

  • Tokyo Ghoul x Reader One Shots
    170K 5.2K 23

    One shots , mainly Fluff and Angst, written for several characters in TG! Said characters are: - Kaneki - Hide - Haise - Ayato - Nishiki - Arima Requests welcome!

  • Tokyo Ghoul X Reader {Oneshots}
    99.3K 1.9K 14

    Just a bunch of Tokyo Ghoul Oneshots... Written a long time ago, so excuse my positivity in some of these. Requests currently closed due to Author being M.I.A. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Tokyo Ghoul, all characters belong to Ishida Sui, I only write the oneshots.

  • tokyo ghoul oneshots
    322K 9.7K 48

    why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?

  • To Love and Protect
    50.3K 2.7K 24

    {Sequel to "Forever My Human Girl"} By the CCG records, you were dead. But in actual fact, you'd started a brand new life with your husband, Ayato Kirishima. What will happen, however, when bad memories and heart-wrenching guilt forces you to make a dangerous decision? One that resulted in the loss of your memory? {...

  • The Fox & The Rabbit ( Ayato Kirishima X Reader ) [ON HOLD/PAUSE]
    40K 1K 15

    It's not opposites attracted to each other. More like stubborn mules. Those two have a boiling thing for each other right from the beginning. Can't really say that they fight like an old maried couple, though.

  • Taken| Ayato Kirishima X OC
    14K 361 8

    (y/n) was always a shy young soul, social anxiety took over her life. Losing all hope and all will to live due to previous events, she is caught in the hands of a particular ghoul known as Ayato. Ayato seems to catch feelings for this girl, however he is confused as to the emotions he feels towards his prey. What wil...

  • Important? Ayato Kirishima x Reader
    84.2K 2.6K 16

    I do not own any characters from Tokyo Ghoul The story begin when Ayato is still in Anteiku

  • Masks (Ayato Kirishima x Reader)
    50.3K 1.6K 20

    Weird things are happening in Tokyo. The CCG has a huge problem with several ghouls... But what if said ghouls became allies? And not only fighting allies. This will probably be a longer story, I'll update it if anyone shows interest. I don't own Tokyo Ghoul nor Ayato Kirishima! :)

  • I love you idiot (Ayato x reader)
    137K 4.4K 26

    I don't own the image (Credit to the owner) I hope you enjoy

  • Forever My Human Girl
    686K 32.1K 56

    Ayato Kirishima hated humans with a burning passion... Well, except a handful of them, one of which was you. Of course, he didn't like you right away which proves that Kindness and friendship can, indeed, soften a heart {New cover by PixieTiff99}

  • Different [Ayato Kirishima x Human!Reader]
    44.3K 1.3K 5

    Ayato had never met a human like her. A girl who actually accepted ghouls, a girl who understands. No one has ever----ever stood up for ghouls like [Name] [Surname]. She truly sees good in everything---everyone. That is why Ayato had fallen for her---a human.

  • Snowflakes (Ayato Kirishima x Reader)
    2.6K 137 1

    A cute and fluffy one shot with Ayato Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul. A little bit of foul language. Enjoy!

  • "Drawing" - Ayato Kirishima X Reader One Shot
    914 22 1

    Just one finished one shot about you and Ayato finally doing something in your relationship!