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  • Dragonheart (2015)
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    Jack Grayson is living a normal life, until something happens that he literally won't be able to go back from... (If he did, he's probably crush his wings.) Contains mostly OC and canon (to us) - Story Start Date: Nov. 21, 2015. Please leave a vote! A/N: If you think you can make a better cover than the one I've got h...

  • Reversal: Dragonheart, Act 2
    215 9 15

    Jack Grayson had a life-changing experience a while back... literally. A Great Dragon has granted him the abilities of a dragon, and bid him free the Great Dragon and his companion, Ezekiel, from a prison erected by the god Zeus. However, months have passed, and Jack hasn't freed them, and the Great Dragon isn't very...

  • Apocalypse: Dragonheart, Act 3
    115 0 16

    "When the world knocks on Death's door, and humanity's darkest hour has come, a Dragon will ride the oncoming storm, and Vict'ry's day will be won. When the world is a scorched black, in will come a hero of teal and sky. He will make the world an oppressor lack, and humanity will be his kind. When Death comes knocking...

  • Dragonheart: Continued Adventures
    9 0 4

    June 25, 2016. The world is still reeling from the surprise demon invasion, and the demons are wreaking havoc even a week after Typhon's death. Jack, wracked with survivor's guilt, wanders around the city, searching for something he's afraid he won't recover... This story picks up from Apocalypse. Read it here: https:...

  • New Beginnings
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    James was a scholarly type of person. He is searching for a rare and valuable book, said to have magic powers, and prove the existence of the Before People, the mythic race that was the world around them. His search for evidence of both takes him to the small city of Dragon Valley, where he's going to have both of his...

  • Dimension Travellers: A "Little" Dragonheart Side Story
    166 2 32

    One day, I decided to write encounters (and possibly bonding) between the Last Dragonheart, a parallel-universe version of him in some unpublished, deleted self-insert fanfics of extremely poor quality that I wrote, and me. Guess what happens next? Well, the portal wasn't my fault. But I'll pass to you the knowledge o...

  • Of Steelvale and Technomagic: A Dragonheart Art Compilation
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    This is only an art compilation for my Dragonheart series. Take a look if you want to, and please leave a vote and/or comment! Read the Dragonheart books here: Book 1: Book 2: Book 3: https://www.wattpad...