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  • Xenopacalyps Part Two: The Xeno King
    316 9 5

    Hey everyone. Those of you that read my previous story, Xenopocalyps Part One: The Beginnings, really enjoyed it. I recently finished it, and I decided to make it a multipart story. This is Xenopocalyps Part 2: The Xeno King. If you enjoyed the last one, you will more than likely enjoy this one, just as much! Warning:...

  • Xenopocalyps Part One: The Beginnings
    169 4 1

    This is a story, not a book, therefore, it is only one chapter. It is my first, so it's not going to be that good, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Also, this story is still in development. I will add more parts later. This is just for feedback. This is just a preview that I have been working on for a few days. This is bo...

  • An Xenomorph's Story
    1.9K 94 14

    The creature from the movie Alien. To see what is actually in its mind and why they kill everything on site other than their own species. One of the Xenomorphs were bred differently and busted (quite literally) out with a different connection to the queen that controls them all. %50 Hive Mind %50 Individual Thoughts ...

  • Mercy And Xenan
    10.3K 225 18

    Mercy is an 18 years old teenager now and she have to face something that will change the ordinary life of humanity... forever. She is going to meet a xenomorph, which is different from the other xenomorphs. Please read my very first fanfiction and comment it and please follow me. You can find me on too...

  • Project X-02
    58.6K 1.1K 23

    You are about to enter the testing chambers of Thunder Corporations. We hope you signed our security waivers.

  • How To Train Your Alien
    830 30 2

    In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Viserion is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The terror begins when the crew encounters a nest of dragon eggs inside the alien ship. An Terrible Terror-like organism from in...

  • Isolation-#Wattys2015
    7K 320 41

    I went into this job thinking it was just another bug hunt, some Scientist dude who got careless with his vials and spawned nothing more than some blood thirsty flesh craving fruit fly or a huge snake. I thought it would be in, kill the monster, get paid and then go be my normal lazy self while I waited for the next j...

  • The First Xenomorph King (Re-Write)
    4.4K 52 10

    There's Three types of people, There are the scumbags, the people who ruined my life...then there's the bystanders, the people who just sit and watch life get ruined. Then there's me, someone who is always hurt, always betrayed... That is until I met someone...or something... she was a Dark spiney bannana head monster...

  • The Xenomorph Prince (sequel to The first xenomorph king)
    474 16 2

    3 Years after The First King,the prince grows strong after the many years he became known as 'rouge' join him as he discovers his fathers true identity and why he was created.

  • Captured
    39.6K 1.2K 11

    Ralnir is a xenomorph who's queen was killed, however instead of dying like the rest of his hive he was captured by humans and used as a test subject for dozens of experiments. Read to find out how he escapes and revel in the bloodbath that ensues as he protects the only one who cares for him

  • The Forgotten Queen Xenomorph
    2.4K 92 5

    A queen xenomorph named Neon goes missing. Eventually her hive notices she is missing for 12 months(1 year). What will her family and hive do? Is Neon even alive?

  • (On Hold)How Did It Come To This {Alien/Xenomorph Fanfic}
    6.3K 213 6

    Warning this book does contain some graphic things. you have been warned. This is an Alien/Xenomorph fanfic. I don't own the Xenomorphs but I do own the human characters. I hope u enjoy this. I also added a concept that isn't part of the alien franchise. If u want to know what, read and see if u can find it, if u can'...

  • all about the xenomorph
    330 22 4

    this is all about the alien xenomorph from the old movie ALIEN

  • The Xenomorph Omega
    2.6K 103 3

    This is my first story and it's about an Xenomorph named Subject Omega who was experimented and mutated by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to be their biological weapon against other Xenomorphs, the U.S. Colonial Marines, the Yautja, the Mala'kak, and anybody else who threatens the Wetland-Yutani Corporation.

  • The Covenant isnt the only threat
    401 11 1

    The UNSC have found a new planet unexplored yet. But soon a hidden species have noticed their there and, in need of a new Queen, they attack. The Spartan, Lisa Weyland, has been sent with more marines and a handful of ODSTs to eliminate the threat, though that wont be so easy.

  • Alien Love
    131K 2.1K 27

    This story is about a male Alien who falls for a human.