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  • Brewing With Herbs
    16 4 3

    A couple of months after an epidemic swarms through and kills many animals in the stables, students in the Academy's Monstery band together to help an advanced student save a sick animal. Writing Excuses had a writing assignment that asked listeners to tell a story three times: once from the point of view of the prota...

  • A Runner Alone
    9 5 1

    A netrunner awakes to find themselves alone in an unfamiliar section of the net. Originally started for a contest last fall. Prompt: Write up to a thousand words about someone in a science fiction setting coping with the effects of being alone.

  • Potted Soil
    19 2 2

    Earth Mage Minerva Watts, fresh home from the mage academy, struggles to settle into her new working gardens while earthquakes rock her hometown.

  • Hidden Trail
    20 5 1

    An apprentice thief learns just how clever her new guild is. Written for the Indistinguishable Challenge.

  • Stalking the Tigers
    15 3 1

    Out for a nightly parkour run, journalist Ken Takawa comes across a group of Tiger's Paw monks out at unusually late hour.

  • A Swirl of Nanites
    56 7 1

    Netrunner Metis Kazitake employs an underground device to thwart security as she breaks into MicroTech to recover something she lost during a recent raid.

  • The Trouble With Recording History
    8 1 1

    An archivist with the Golden Dragon Monastery fights machine and storage devices to preserve the very last story of the darkest moment in New Glory's history.

  • Spelldancer
    5 1 1

    Technomage Dani is out running errands when she learns she might have the patience of a talent scout. This story is a repost of a story I wrote in Summer 2014 while learning to write action scenes. (This was also my first attempt at a book cover after I took a book cover design class.) Vote if you like it. Comment if...

  • The Clockwork Professor: Book 1: The Wrong Job.
    147 17 8

    Mick and Aidan are in far worse trouble now than they ever were in Ireland. Trapped under the thumb of the Crime Mistress Mama O'Leary the twins have been forced to become Boston's most accomplished thieves. All that is going to change though, after tonight the twins will be on a train to New York and beyond with all...

  • Green River
    63 8 4

    Dr. Thomas Hilary was being punished. His exile out to the wilds of the Dakota Territory was intended as a wake up call. His father had decided he needed an education in responsibility. And so here he was, so far off the beaten path it took 8 days to get here. All he needed to do was keep his nose clean, keep his hea...

  • Nightmare Awakes
    57 5 1

    What is Lydia Adair to do? At 21 she's lost her position as Governess and had no prospects of marriage. Her life was well and truly over. However, her own self-pity did not compare to the real horror. Being 'dead' socially was not the same as having a monster rip you apart in the garden! Lydia learned this as the cre...

  • Alana's Trail
    328 31 8

    Ranger Alana Moorhawk returns home from a courier mission to find her half-brother Aidan has not yet returned from a simple survey trip. Her search for him leads her to a secret that threatens their family.

  • Aidan's Path
    103 8 8

    When cleric Aidan Moorhawk awakes from a coma in a hospital, he must figure out what happened to him before the voice in his head causes even more problems...for him and his family.