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  • The Perfect Mistake COMPLETE
    117K 6.5K 47

    Four strangers. Two Weddings. A fated switch. A millionaire's son isn't supposed to marry a gang leader. A gang leader's son isn't supposed to marry a Minister's son. Right? Bad is to be forced into marriage. Worse is to marry the wrong man. Worst is to fall in love with that wrong husband. [AN] Even though this is...

  • I Hate You (Hunhan)
    271K 14.8K 30

    Luhan and Sehun had hated each other ever since they first met. They don't know why they hate each other. They just do. Just looking at the other could send their blood boiling. But, what happens when feelings start to change through a stupid bet and unfortunate events?

  • Watching the time
    35.7K 990 57

    The story mostly follows the canon story, a few things are different; some things are subtle, others are obvious. Things begin to change drastically for Levi and Eren when the teen oddly becomes pregnant after a night together and many, many things entail. Some good, others terrible. There is a trigger warning for a...