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  • Untamed (Sequel to Unleashed)
    153K 8.3K 75

    It's been a month since Anna ascended her powers, powers that will help her end an age ol battle between witches and wolves, that dated back, way before she was even thought of. One month since she found out that her parents, the parents that had raised her since she was a baby weren't her parents, but her uncle Robb...

  • Fake Husband // Harry Styles
    3.5M 93.4K 110

    "You were merely the dolls on Unlike any other show, you didn't rehearse, oh no no no. You see you are puppets, you are controlled by strings. And those strings my dear sweet Adriana Styles, are controlled by management. You only have his last name for a year. He doesn't love you honey. He loves...

  • Best Harry Styles fanfiction stories
    219K 1.1K 67

    Only the best Harry Styles fanfiction stories! Well written, brilliantly developed by articulate opinionated writers that I was so lucky to read. Read my list of stories which is not ranked in any particular order. All stories are equally interesting and captivating..."Trust me, I'm telling you stories" (Janette Winte...

  • The Wild
    823K 30.3K 29

    [ WATTY AWARD WINNER - INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING ] Lily has been on her own since she left high school, and she ventured towards the vast wilderness of the Grand Tetons where she became a waitress at a diner, met her two best friends Amaya and Bennet, and planned to start over in a more-than-hipster cabin in the foothi...