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    "Ever since I left the city, you and me just don't get along. You make me feel like I did you wrong. Going places where you don't belong." -Drake "Hotline Bling" In which Zayn, an international r&b singer, returns home to Philadelphia, where he discovers his one and only love, Hayley, whom said herself that she would...

  • Trade-Off
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    "You know, Alana..I can help you." My boss said tucking a strand of curly hair behind my ear. "R-really?" I asked kind of desperate. I really needed a way to get extra money. "I like you so there's no problem helping you out. Besides, you work very hard for me.." He said letting go of the strand by popping it back in...

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  • His Little Girl
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    "Mommy, what is daddy like?" my daughter asked me as I brushed her thick curly hair. I sighed. "Tiana Ive already told you before." I said softly. I couldn't blame her for always asking me this. she's never met her Father. she doesn't know who her Father is. "I just want to know daddy.." she said with a tear rolling...

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  • Knockout (Sequel to Dark)
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    This is the Sequel to Dark. This is not mine it belongs to han-rawr on tumblr.

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