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  • Starfall | Book Recommendations + Reviews
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    OPEN: CLOSED: CFCU: ☆☆☆ Want a book review? Want your book to be recommended? Then this is the right place for you! Come on in!

  • Constructive Critiques
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    Cover by @zinszerlina Request up to 50 critiques for your book(s) on the beginning and latest chapters! Simply copy the form from the beginning of the book and paste your request on as many critic pages you like, but make sure to check if they accept your genre and how many chapters they're offering! Feedback pages a...

  • Honest Book Reviews #2 (OPEN)
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    In which, a girl who has already reviewed over 200 books, opens a new shop to review your books again... honestly IM ONLY ACCEPTING 50 MORE REQUESTS Cover made by- @parnikalal

  • Reviews 2.0
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    In this book you will find your next favourite read: some of the best - as of yet - undiscorvered books on Wattpad. This is our attempt to help them a step further to getting discovered.

  • Wonder of the Worlds: OPEN
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    Are you a reader in search of the best high fantasy reads? Are you a writer wondering if your book cuts it or not? Whichever it is, this is the place for you! We accept requests for your own books, so authors, step right up. We also give completely honest opinions, so readers, come check it out.

  • JJ's Book Reviews [CFCU]
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    Welcome all, I want to extend my help to those who need some. Put the kettle on, let's get to reading (The closest I get to consuming coffee is eating tiramisu cake ☺️) [] The library is now OPEN!!! [] Temporary break [💻] Closed for catch up

  • Book Reviews
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    Find yourself prowling around the undiscovered section in genres? Can't find a book that grabs your attention? How about not getting the reads you feel you should? Seeing books get on that 'What's Hot' section in the genres but never your? If you said yes to any of these then welcome to my little Book Review! This wil...

  • Book Reviews (2)
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    Hello wattpaders! This is my second book review story. My last one was a big hit and I hope to help more readers succeed in their writing. This story holds all the books I suggest you read, and the ones I have reviewed. However, these reviews are going to be different from my last, you will choose how harsh I will be...

  • Book reviews (CLOSED)
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    CLOSED FOR CATCH-UP Book and poetry reviews. Please read the rules first, payment is listed there. If you are not comfortable with the payment, don't enter your book. Complete the payment before expecting the review. The book cover credit goes to @na_jae_min

  • Book Reviews ...▪¤*♡ [Open]
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    Story Reviews✨