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  • TF2 headcanons and imagines!!
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    Hi, I'm Alec, I was bored so I decided to write for everyone's favorite mercs! Feel free to request something! I'll mostly be doing headcanons and short scenarios because I have no attention span :) (I mostly just dump head canons and stuff here because my friends don't care lol)

  • TF2 x Reader: When Two Worlds Meet
    29K 1.1K 42

    You are a young lady who recently graduated from college. Your best friend gives you her old pc as a graduation gift that has your favorite video game, Team Fortress 2. Little did you know that your normal life will completely change as all of the beloved TF2 characters are brought to life using Engineer's invention...

  • TF2 Abused Child Reader Insert
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    ( Sorry about the bad summary but, I promise the story is good ) Once upon a time life was really one found within a storybook. (Y/n) had both parents a younger sister and an expecting baby brother on the way. Until like most couples in life her parents divorced splitting them apart. Now (Y/n) tries to survive the str...

  • (CLOSED) TF2 x Reader Oneshots
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    Ever wondered what it would be like to be with your favorite mercenary from Team Fortress 2? Would your story be a classic true love oneshot? Dirty romance? Fluff stories? Overwatch crossover?! Whatever you request in this big book of Tf2 Oneshots! To be clear, YES, there are crossovers in this! Don't believe me? Then...

  • TF2 Oneshots
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    A collection of TF2 × Reader Oneshots~ They get better the further you read Comments are greatly appreciated and motivate me to continue

  • Tf2 x Reader Oneshots
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    I will be adding OCs if you like, other then that it's just some good Ol' tf2 boys, also with Ms. Pauling and Zhanna cause they queens UwU. Fluff and Smut, I will add warnings for smuts. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

  • TF2 Oneshots & Imagines!
    41.3K 1K 37

    A compiled book filled with fluffy oneshots and smutty imagines of your favorite mercenaries. Ranging from the loud Bostonian boy, to the quiet Aussie, we got 'em all. Enjoy reading~

  • TeamFortress2's New Addition
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    Ms. Pauling took you into another room and gave you a serious look. "Are you sure you want to do this? You won't see many people anytime soon. You will have minimal access to the outside world only being able to talk to your teachers and your friends. The only thing they'll know is that you went to better school, got...

  • Assorted TF2 Reader Inserts
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    I write Team Fortress 2 Reader inserts. (X Readers, basically). I do not take requsts. Maybe some time in the future. For female readers usually but as of 2020 I'm trying to make it more open to everyone (not using gendered terms) unless if it is a specifically female oriented chapter. Only includes main classes and...

  • The Strongest of Us (Tf2 x Reader)
    30.3K 845 26

    (Tf2 x Reader) DISCLAIMER: This book contains content that is for more mature audiences. MURDER, GORE, SEXUAL CONTEXT, STRONG LANUGUAGE, AND SUICIDE ATTEMPTS ARE MENTIONED. Have you ever wondered what the life of a murderer consisted of? How well they manage to keep their insanity hidden under many years of pressure...

  • TF2 x child! Reader - Mercenary Malfunction
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    (Female reader) June 2, 2010. You were only 2 when your little home town in Kansas was attacked. Caught in the cross fire of two battling teams. You were the only one to survive. Since then you were on your own, residing in the hallow shell of the town. That is until 2015, when it all goes wrong.