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  • bear // phan - book one
    2.3K 88 12

    phil has tourettes, his most common word is bear. tw: drugs, suicide, self-harm

  • Kik 2 | Ryden, Moodie, Tronnor, etc;
    56.5K 4.1K 41

    the same as kik 1 except this one has less drama and more gays. this is set only a few hours after kik 1 [ book 2 of 2 ] [ warnings: cursing, character death, possibly triggering content, high angst ]

  • groupchat - multiship [DISCONTINUED]
    40.8K 2.6K 33

    not my original idea at all, im not creative

  • train tracks // multiship
    46.9K 4.3K 21

    "welcome to the tracks, kid." I HAVENT BEEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT A FIC IN A LONG TIME OKAY ships include: -ryden -moodie -lynexa -halsanie -jalex -joshler -jardougall

  • He She It
    459K 33K 31

    Lilly Martin is not model-material, but Adam Hiller is, and it turns out he likes to wear dresses when nobody's looking, and is in fact not a 'he' at all. When their school announces a fashion designing competition, Lilly decides to kill two (or three) birds with one stone and: 1) Win the fashion competition by making...

  • Our Strange Love (Complete✔)
    488K 30.1K 56

    Seventeen-year-old Riley is what some call a troubled teen. At twenty-four, Eran has the habit of scolding any teen he sees getting into trouble. After meeting through a series of strange encounters, they begin to build an innocent but close relationship. Eran's view of Riley starts off as he's an frustrating young ma...

  • Weird Kids Group Chat (bandfic)
    7.3K 564 44

    *alexgascarf has created the group* --- Includes: All Time Low, Lynn Gunn, Vic Fuentes, Hayley Williams, Josh Franceschi, Jenna McDougall, Tay Jardine, Taylor Momsen, Cody Carson, Cassadee Pope and more! -- DISCLAIMER: all you read here is fiction. I do not own the characters featured in this book.

  • Carter [GirlxGirl]
    57.5K 3.1K 13

    Marisa met Carter at a bus stop in first grade, the two quickly became best friends. Carter never leaves Marisa's side, she's there for her. Always has been, always will be. Marisa and Carter begin to fall in love around high-school and begin dating. Sounds like your average cliché love story, right? Wrong.

    636K 37.3K 82

    a book full of everything halsey; her quotes, writing, song lyrics, anything and everything // first halsey book // © sadlands

  • Outcasts [boyxboy]
    372K 14.2K 11

    Jules has a problem- everyone thinks he’s a girl. When Jules moves to a new school, he finds himself making quirky new friends. Josiah, Lea, Jimm, and Chance are outcasts who have banded together, pulling Jules into their group as well. Jules finds himself being put into outrageous situations thanks to his new friends...

  • Twitter ~ Halsey
    89.3K 3.3K 39

    @Halsey is now following you.

  • Ghost Part ii ♡ Halsey
    43.5K 2.8K 33

    "You're always tugging at my sleeve" ||A Halsey Fanfiction|| Copyright © to F-utureal 2015 Please do not use my writing and/or ideas without permission, thank you. If you want to translate this, message me. All ghost translations are in my reading list called 'Ghost translations'.

  • lord of the ryden
    29.7K 1.6K 11

    brednon 2 sexy 4 ryn but he liek ryn anywey c wat hot ryden tales r here come on read it read it now i'm begging u read it

  • frerard - oneshots
    11.3K 246 2

    frerard oneshots book! bottom!g/top!f !!

  • murderer - frerard
    43.2K 3.2K 33

    Gerard wasn't normal. Frank was. Or at least, he was normal until he found out.

  • Trust Me (Frerard)
    23.5K 664 4

    (Crimelord!Frank and Little!Gerard) Gerard was shaking. He couldn't see anything. He was blindfolded and kneeling naked with his wrists cuffed behind his back. He had some kind of bandana tied around his mouth so he couldn't talk. He could hear faint talking and knew it was starting. He had hoped they would walk past...

  • Frerard One-Shots (Fluff)
    32.6K 1.1K 12

    Just a fluffy Frerard one-shots book.

  • i melt you down like ice cream
    19.9K 1.5K 7

    [Frerard AU] Frank loves ice cream more than anything and one day he meets someone who is just as sweet as ice cream tastes. [Trigger warnings: BDD, Eating disorders]

  • Antropophobia (Frerard)
    331 33 4

    Antropophobia- The fear of society and/or the people in it. Frank has a list of problems. Gerard only wants to help.

  • The LGBTQ+ Handbook
    147K 9.1K 58

    Did you just find out that you are gay? Are you secretly a bisexual? Feeling awkward because you are transgender? Do you not have any idea about what you are? Or are you straight, and you don't know how to treat people of different sexual orientations? You will get many questions answered in this lovely handbook! This...

  • Rio and Juliet
    194K 4.5K 15

    Rio Montague. Juliet Capulet. Two completely different girls, from two households that are united by one thing - hatred. The two girls are kept from meeting due to the thick red line that separates the two halves of Verona City; a line that is intended to stop the Montague family and the Capulet family from killing ea...

  • Starstruck (GirlXGirl) lesbian [Edited Copy Published At Amazon]
    7.7M 180K 43

    Dulce Gavin, a 17 years old girl who doesn't like to watch TV accidentally met and helped a drop dead gorgeous teenager named Glace. They hit it off instantly, but soon lost contact. A week later, Glace turned up at Dulce's school and ended up as her seatmate. The catch? Glace is a Hollywood celebrity who is about to...

  • Keep An Open Mind {Lynn Gunn}
    25.8K 1.3K 36

    There are several things Lynn doesn't quite get about the world she lives in, which makes it harder for her to figure herself out. She is not your average teenager. She's young, intelligent, though something about her is off by now. Everyone is quick to misjudge and point fingers, everything and everyone is so corrup...

  • Hidden Love // HS + BO
    144 3 4

    Harry Styles is a multimillionaire and singer in the band One Direction. Barack Obama is the president of the United States. But what will happen when their paths cross and they fall in love? Will they have to keep their relationship hidden forever, or will they tell the world and risk Obama losing his job? Find out i...

  • Summertime (Frerard)
    2M 87.3K 59

    "You can run away with me, anytime you want." I want to get away. Away from the abuse at home, at school hell, but we're not friends. I could never be friends with Gerard Way. He's just some guy that fate seems to drive me towards. His brother may be even more of asshole than him, making my school life living hell and...

  • The Skinny Boy Tales (boyxboy) - Completed-
    230K 10.5K 21

    Max, diagnosed with anorexic and bulimic tendencies, is just beyond excited to finally leave the clutches of his overbearing, overly religious mother and her hateful ways; however, Max isn't given any time to rejoice in his new freedom because he has done little more than trade one prison for another. "Welcome to the...

  • Kik | Ryden, Joshler, Moodie, Tronnor, etc;
    321K 21.4K 103

    daddy urie has started a chat! daddy urie: be free gay ones [ highest rank: #1 in #moodie ] [ book 1 of 2 ] [ warnings: cursing ]

  • Daddy
    5.4M 194K 37

    Mateo put his entire life on hold when he found out that his father's Alzheimer's had gotten worse. He dropped his textbooks and returned home despite his dreams of graduation, never once outwardly complaining about the turn of events. It was his duty as a Rosales to provide for his family now that his father was un...

  • chasing cars ↬ gif series
    400K 16.4K 151

    in which i write short lil imagines © CAPTAlNHOOK 2016