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  • 'Epic Love' Damon Salvatore Love Story 'Epic Love Saga'
    624K 10K 25

    Siena Russo is 19 year old girl from Upper East side Manhattan New York. She is sexy, sassy and witty she an A List hottie in her city. Where all guys want a piece if her.Siena recently found out that she was adopted and the information leads her to Mystic falls where she finds out she has a half sister (Elena Gilbert...

  • Baby I'm A Sinner // z.m.
    212K 6.2K 55

    I moved here to try and start over; I've changed. Before my transformation I murdered ruthlessly and didn't care a thing about it. Once I arrived in this bucolic town I didn't thing I would stay as long as I have. There's one person who's made me stay longer than expected. //I wrote this in middle school, it's terrib...

  • The Salvatore Witch {ON PERMANENT HIATUS}
    42.1K 806 6

    Maeva Salvatore made a pact with her two best friends back in 1864; The Salvatore's together... forever and always. But when you make a pact it doesn't always go to plan. The year is now 2009. Damon and Stefan Salvatore are vampires, and Maeva is a very powerful witch, so powerful she has stopped herself from ageing c...

  • Kidnapped by One Direction
    407K 9K 25

    All Susie wanted to do was be helpful. That one favor changed her life forever. (Please give it a try. The first part is a little rough but it gets better)

  • A Normal Day Gone Wrong
    1M 19.6K 43

    Allison Good wanted a normal life. A normal boyfriend, and normal family. Turns out she is something special and gets the attention of some very special boys. One Direction #Wattys2014

  • Destiny Sucks!
    41.1K 901 28

    What would you do if one day you where walking home from school when you got kidnapped by five mysteriously attractive boys, claiming that you are in danger and they are there to protect you. Well this is what happened to me. As much as I don't want to admit it, I need their help, and even though they don't want to ad...

  • Kidnapped by Vampires
    147K 3.7K 27

    Ellenore Rivers is a normal 17 year old girl, or at least she was. While visiting the Black Forest in Germany, her life changes forever, when she is kidnapped by five vampires, who go by the names of Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Who are these guys? And what do they want with Ellenore? Over time she learns many...

  • Journey to Psitharis
    766K 18.1K 83


  • The Boys From Hell ( Sequel to Boarding School from Hell )
    251K 8.5K 15

    With Louisa gone and no one caring about her except the lovable Matt. She tries to forget her time with the boys known as One Direction seeing Louis have a new girlfriend breaks her apart. But Matt is there to always there to help her, with the boys on their tour and Niall still with Imogen and Mollie. And Zayn and Li...

  • One directions mate!?
    469K 10.8K 32

    *HUGE! Plot twist*:) It's a good book! Please give it a try:)

  • Adopted by One Direction (discontinued)
    539K 12.2K 22

    ***DISCLAIMER*** This story is no longer continued, and won't be continued ever. Keep in mind I wrote this when I was like 12 and I stg there are so many carrot moments in here that will make you cringe. Mackenzie Williams has a dark past. A dark past that she doesn't want to tell anyone. It haunts her to this day. ...

  • Kidnapped by a Vampire Boy Band
    62.6K 1.7K 36

    The sound of the sirens was faint over the pouring rain, but I knew they were coming. I had a few options, but I really didn't know what they were. Stay and die or leave, and be happy. But as the police cars sped up to the house, I considered the fact that maybe it was it the other way around.

  • Protect Me (Harry Styles)
    275K 5.7K 30

    Bailey Clark recently moved to a new town in England. A new town holds new experiences, but what happens when these experiences change her life forever? Find out in "Protect Me"

  • One Direction Bit Me!
    6.1M 135K 38

    Getting bitten by a vampire is something, but getting bitten by five hot vampire celebrities is something else. Amberia Purt is a 17 year old American Directioner. Just like every other directioner, she dreams to meet the five knights in shining armor of her life. Who could know taking a short bathroom break could ch...

  • Dark and Dangerous Love (18+)
    109M 2M 174

    EARTH: year 2438. The world is different now: ruled by a ruthless and merciless monster. All Evelyn Blackburn wanted was freedom. But how could you escape from the oldest vampire in existence and the King of the most powerful race ever to walk the Earth...? The tables have turned. Vampires had risen from the night...