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  • Free As The Ocean Waves
    106 12 1

    Cancer finally caught up to Linda. Dedicated to McLennonLuv. Love you, darling.

  • The Adventures of Paul and Linda
    3.4K 98 25

    A collection of stories about the amazing Paul and Linda McCartney. Some are based on actual events that occurred, and others are made up. All stories are in either Paul or Linda's point of view.

  • My Uncle Pawl
    8.7K 416 10

    (McLennon) Julian's view of John Lennon & Paul McCartney's relationship through the Beatle years... Warnings: The three S's Swears, Slash and Sad Shit.

  • Come Together- McLennon
    24.3K 1.2K 30

    The relationship between John Lennon and his songwriting partner, Paul McCartney had been kept under tight wraps for years. After struggling to come to terms with the breakup of The Beatles, he starts to lash out and struggle with day-to-day tasks. His only comfort can be found in his beloved dog, Martha. Linda batt...

  • You Don't Touch What's Mine
    35.4K 1.7K 16

    John Lennon is a well-known boy at Quarry Bank highschool. He is a huge troublemaker with a record that will stick with him. He has one goal, to make a certain younger, doe-eyed boy --by the name of Paul McCartney-- his. Yet, Paul wants nothing to do with John but John wants everything to do with Paul, but....he want...

  • Overbet
    14.6K 1.1K 41

    "What's not to like about me?" "You're the king of fuckbois. You think with your dick, You're arrogant and mean and You're a fucking kid." Modern AU where John Lennon's mates bet him he can't "Fuck the fat girl" of their art school. Cover made by my Darling love @Macca40

    Completed   Mature