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  • Author Games: Town of Mayhem
    8.4K 844 72

    Welcome to Author Games: Town of Mayhem, a writing competition through which a story of murder, deception, and a battle between good and evil will be told. We bring you our latest efforts - an Author Games based off the popular online game known as Town of Salem [ToS]. -AuthorGam...

  • Writer Games: Winter Revolution
    7.4K 805 71

    Many years since the world has been destroyed by Genesis, an atomic bomb, the world is beginning to stir. People have gathered in communities called toxums, the leaders of the communities are called poskas (poska as singular), and the destruction of the earth is known as washek. But that is far from the point. The poi...

  • Author Games: Panemdemic
    10.2K 801 96

    Sickness. It bounds us, it controls us, traps us in its grasp. It battles our immune systems, destroys us from the inside out as our bodies desperately try to fend off the attackers. Sometimes they are weak- coughs and the flu and little things. Sometimes they're far more deadly.

  • Author Games: Home, Sweet Home [HIATUS/CANCELLED]
    9.6K 456 66

    yea boi kinda dead dun read ty Amazing cover credits go to @Panem_ ! Serena Fogg- President of Panem, demigod of Nyx. The powers of the Olympians themselves were questionable, when put against Serena's. She was rumored to have the power to send out waves of darkness and terror; it was even said she could summon the ve...

  • Author Games: Maybe, Maybe Not
    13.6K 1.4K 95

    Life is full of choices. They vary from the simplest things such as deciding between pink or blue, to the toughest life-changing decision such as choosing your life-long partner. No one said a tribute cannot make choices in the Hunger Games. But what if every obstacle requires you to make a difficult decision? P...

  • Author Games: Floors
    2.9K 518 65

    Lykaria Summers had finally reached her dream position as Head Gamemaker. Now, she must prove that she has what it takes to stay. With a team standing beside her, she creates an arena Panem is sure to remember. The arena shall be divided into floors, with each floors containing horrors beyond imagination.