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  • It's Strange, I Think I'm In Love ∽ VKook
    65.6K 3K 33

    ーWhere Jungkook can't seem to stay out of drama; "I think you're everything I've always wanted." ≫ ONGOING 〜 Used to be "A Weird Kind Of Love" {This story belongs to me but most of the characters do not}

  • Hybrid // Vkook
    124K 5.3K 18

    //Where are you from?\\ //I-i don't know\\ //Why do you wear that hood?\\ //There's a secret behind it\\ //What's the secret?\\ //You see, I'm not like normal humans\\

  • yes, mr. kim | taekook
    207K 10.1K 12

    ❝You will do as I say, do you understand?❞ ❝Yes, Mr. Kim❞ In which Jungkook becomes a secretary for heartthrob Kim Taehyung. However, he doesn't quite know what he's getting himself into.

  • *Vkook Smuts*
    303K 4.1K 13

    Vkook smuts. I know people are in love Jungkook and V and think they are the best couple ever. ;) Same No hate comments in the comments, keep them to yourself, but please write positive comments to give me a boost to keep writing for you guys. Vote! Vote! Please, no pressure *Giggles*

  • daddy ✿ yoonmin
    84.7K 1K 4

    "Yoongi, my good ol pal, why didn't you tell me you had sex with that stripper from your birthday party!" in which min yoongi has his first time with a stripper on his 23rd birthday.

  • Hold Me | yoonmin |
    153K 6.3K 52

    "I wanted to find love..then i met you and understood the meaning of love and lost." June 16 |2016| ©kokolabouche ♡

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Boy (m.y.g × p.j.m)
    137K 4.7K 18

    "Lovely boy with a lovely Daddy"

  • Trust And Thrust (vkook)
    918 46 2

    Jungkook Trust V but unknown to his knowledge and actions, Taehyung will Thrust him as hard as fuck. - VGetsKooksV -

  • 「cinderella 」vkook; disney prince 1
    10.5K 635 4

    jungkook is a poor writer while taehyung is a prince. © taesick 2016

  • After Hours [•vkook/taekook Oneshot•]
    26.9K 716 3

    A magical moment of erotic adventure that took place in taehyung's office.

  • white briefs » vkook
    26.4K 1.3K 3

    ❝ mind you, i totally wasn't staring at your white briefs. ❞ in which taehyung accidentally saw jungkook changing in the school gym's locker room and he starts to question his sexuality.

  • White Roses || Yoonmin
    5.3K 446 11

    Yoongi has a secret admirator. Jungkook jelouseiness goes overboard. What will happen when friendship is over?

  • ❅sex doll ↝ vkook ff.
    45.7K 1.7K 2

    ❝ i didn't know a sex doll could fuck this good . ❞ ©luzeemarieyrayinson7 2016 credits to @keeponkissing for the beautiful cover!

  • Daddy Taehyung
    58.6K 1.8K 9

    Jungkook was 8 when his father died and started to shut everyone down. He was 10 when he and his mother moved out. He started to hate his mother when he's 12 He was 14 when he met a man, he was there at times when the younger needed him. At the age of 16, Jungkook found his true identity of being gay. And he fell inlo...

  • Sweet Blood JJK.KTH
    112K 3.8K 43

    +updated story description+ A sad man that has many troubles changes personalities and species overnight, literally

    286K 5.1K 69

    EDITING MY STORIES!! CORRECTING MY BAD ENGLISH. ωαяиιиg: ¶ fℓυff ¶ ѕмυт ¶ αиgѕт ¶ ρѕу¢нσραтн ¶ ∂α∂∂у кιик ¶ вяσтнєя ¢σмρℓєχ ¶ вσу χ вσу ¶ втѕ мємвєя χ яєα∂єя ¶ нувяι∂ ¶ ρнιℓσѕσρнι¢αℓ тнєσяιєѕ є¢т. єиʝσу яєα∂ιиg. тнє яєqυєѕтѕ αяє σρєи. ιм ѕσяяу ιf ѕσмє σf тнє яєqυєѕтѕ ωιℓℓ тαкє ℓσиg, вυт ιтѕ иσт єαѕу тσ тнιик αвσυт α ѕ...

  • Jealousy | VKOOK
    75.8K 1.6K 22

    Jungkook and Taehyung are a couple living together. Everything was good until Taehyung met Jeonghan. What would happen between them? And Jealous kookie?

  • Bangtan Relations « Boy x Boy »
    56.2K 1.2K 43

    This a book all about Taekook/Vkook and other couples that I ship. So if you love them then welcome to my book! :)

  • Vkook One Shots
    47.5K 690 6

    ++ Collection of stories ++ One Shots ++ Vkook

  • Of late nights and stupid boyfriends. (Vkook)
    7.9K 301 1

    Taehyung is a pretty shit boyfriend (sometimes).

    Completed   Mature
    27K 538 5

    Bangtan Boys Angsty One Shots! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Bangtan Angst One Shots
    118K 3.1K 37

    Just like the title says Yeah I'm discontinuing this book , 'twas fun and all but like I have lost interest.....there's a good amount done so yeah ehnjoi! **** have a box of tissues****

  • There's You In Everything I Do (VKook FF)
    78.2K 3.3K 17

    (mischief and our journey) Where JK is very famous in Instagram and in his school because cliché stories are always like that and TH is known as the pretty-slash-flower boy who lives under the rock. Their world collides and shit is going down. (InstagramIdolAU/CollegeAU) --- Copyright © 2015 by soonshimee All rights r...

  • Wanted: Babysitter [TaeKook FF]
    42.1K 2K 9

    Jeon Jeongguk is like any normal college student; lazy, hormonal, and broke. And it seems like the flier with printed word saying: "WANTED: BABYSITTER" will be the answer to his prayers, except he'll gain more than something he expected. RATED M for PROFANITIES, EXPLICIT CONTENT AND SITUATIONS which some of you might...

  • My Friend's Grandson _VKOOK_
    2.1K 86 1

    Taehyung came out of the closet. He was worried how his family would take this, but thankfully, they approved!! Today, grandma set him a blind date with her friends grandson. Taehyung, not wanting to make her sad, agrees to meet with the boy.. Lets see how this ends up... *wink wink* SMUT!!!

  • One Last Time 《 ONESHOT 》
    1.9K 88 1

    In which Taehyung is a coward and wishes for one last stage with his beloved before leaving the band.

  • Love Me Not
    12.5K 522 5

    "I'll only love you when you die." {taekook/vkook} storycover by: firelightus

  • Oh My Nerd (VKook)
    303K 14.2K 31

    Fanfiction Things aren't easy when his a nerd & I'm popular. "Yes. I am in love with a Nerd." But he had secrets... #502 in Fanfiction - 10/8/16

    72.2K 898 5

    A compilation of Vkook oneshots/drabbles. -- ↑kth ↓jjk --