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  • « Senior Year || A Girl Meets World Fanfiction »
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    It's Senior year, and Riley and her friends, Farkle, Maya and Lucas (her dreamy eyed boyfriend) are trying to make the best of it. But with the return of Missy Bradford, a romance between her uncle and her best friend, and a prom disaster; how will they survive??? #Rucas #Joshaya BTW I found all of these cute GMW pict...

  • Girl Meets New Years Eve
    21.7K 843 13

    Let Love Be Your Resolution. A New Year's Eve party at the Matthews home turns into a gathering of tension and unresolved feelings amongst the gang of friends. Riley has been avoiding Lucas for months now, a way to shield herself from the feelings she's hiding, after allowing her best friend Maya to explore her feel...

  • One Last Dance
    47.3K 1.7K 33

    A boy having a secret .He's a heart breaker . He has a rough past and he's lying for what reason? He fall for her . She falls for someone else. But whose to say those feelings are true? No one and what about the people she meets. Her friends. Will the good turn bad and the bad turn good? If so who knew the music could...

  • Rucas one shots!
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    A collection of one shots based on a cowboy and his city girl ♡

  • rucas | au's + one shots
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    moments every rucas shipper wants to remember forever. © rucasquad 2016-2017

  • My Summer with the Friars: rucas EDITING
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    Riley hated Lucas he is a horrible bully and jerk but will those feelings change when she leaves for the summer?

  • Roommates with A Friar
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    Riley and Lucas have just broken up and both haven't taken it well. Riley thought there was a possibly a small chance she will never see him. But that small chance might no longer exists when something unexplainable happens she ends up seeing him every day. Will they cope with this change?

  • Lost & Alone [REWRITTING]
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    -CURRENTLY REWRITING- RUCAS FANFIC -COMPLETE- -AU SEQUEL ONE SHOT- RANKINGS: #9- RUCAS out of +1,000 stories #1- LILEY out of 198 stories #25- RILEY out of +1,000 stories #189- LUCAS out of +1,000 stories

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  • California Secrets
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    (Don't Read until after watching GMSki Lodge pt.1 and 2) Riley and Lucas are as happy as can be after coming back from Mount Sun Lodge and nothing can tear them apart. But when Cory and Topanga's marriage is on the rocks, they take up the only offer they can't refuse. Uprooting their children to the sunny skies of Cal...

  • Underwater: rucas
    21.7K 634 13

    Riley was a competitive swimmer, but when tragedy strikes everything changes. Lucas trains disabled people to swim, he loved his job,but his job is about to change his life, when he meets his new patient... I DONT OWN ANY GMW CHARACTERS

  • Rucas One Shots (requests closed)
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    Just a bunch of Rucas one shots that I come up with/ones that you guys suggest. Hope you enjoy these!

  • Train wreck-A Rucas and Joshaya story
    40.7K 1.1K 37

    When some of the hardest things happen and everything is questioned, Will a tragic accident on a road trip make or break the groups friendship? As the friends prepare to leave school a road trip is planned for maya, Riley, Lucas, farkle and josh. One of the worst things that can happen to someone strikes can the frie...

  • squad | gmw
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  • Untold Stories of Us: A Collection of One-shots
    48.9K 1.4K 40

    A collection of Rucas one-shots based on prompts and requests sent in via tumblr. These stories range from present day to future Rucas and are written based on a general prompt, a specific scene/situation from the show, or a certain quote/song lyric.

  • Girl meets Love
    18.3K 727 16

    This is a story about Maya,Farkle,Lucas and Riley,after 10 years. They all finished College and work now. They are still friends,but will a new relationship begin?

  • Another Cinderella - Rucas
    37.9K 1.9K 27

    "People change people." I purse my lips and tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. "You changed me and not for the best." - No description yet, but just know that you're in for a wild emotional ride.

  • Reasons Why We Belong Together: A Rucas Love Story
    26.2K 923 7

    She thought it through. Her and Lucas were nothing like her parents.They weren't Cory and Topanga. So the only question that stays in her mind...Why does it feel so wrong to not be with him? **** "Stop it Lucas," I say tears threatening to spill from my eyes. "Stop what Riley?" He says a little hurt. He shouldn't b...

  • She will be loved || rucas
    21.3K 420 15

    The story of a newly wedded girl and a boy who were hopelessly in love. Their will be mature and sexual content in this story. Rated M for mature [RUCAS X ZAYA X SMARKLE]

  • Being Parents
    4.2K 234 12

    You all remember when Riley and Lucas got married and had a baby. This is the next step in their lives trying to be parents and college students while working and juggling the drama with their families. Follow as; Riley goes to school to become a teacher. Lucas starts coaching Baseball for the school and 3 year old L...

    Completed   Mature
  • Being Rucas
    14.5K 479 26

    Riley Matthews, 17 years old. Inspired, Crazy. Lucas Friar, 18 years old. Baseball player, Shortstop. Maya Hart, 17 years old. Artist, Singer, Painter. Josh Matthews, 20 years old. Riley's uncle. Join Riley and Lucas in their journey for love.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Love Is My Life! ~ Rucas
    3.2K 151 17

    Please read this story! Its about girl meets world Riley and Lucas! I'm a huge rucas fan! Like HUGE! so if your the same please read! Thank you! Oh and follow me and I will follow you back! ;)

  • Rucas Love
    14.1K 648 37

    What will happen when Riley and Lucas end up having a baby? What will Maya do? What will Missy do? What will charlie think? Or worse of all what will Lucas's father do?

    Completed   Mature
  • Rucas Falling slowly
    67.8K 2.3K 33

    "I don't know what to do now." I say quietly and a hot tear rolls down my face. These tears are different then I have ever had, They were not out of happiness nor pain. I don't really know the feeling, but I was crying for Maya. I don't know why she hid this for me, I'm not mad at her but all I want to know is why. I...

  • Two Worlds Collide
    18.1K 643 43

    What will happen when an insecure girl falls for a boy who is willing to love her. Story filled with many ups and downs, but a couple who will always find a way back to each other. ALL CHARACTERS ARE MINES EXCEPT FOR RILEY MATTHEWS AND LUCAS FRIAR! INSPIRATION GOES TO BMW/GMW WRITERS!!!!!!

  • Too Young (Rucas)
    9.4K 374 8

    Riley Matthews has amnesia and wonders why she remembers things about Lucas. Will she realise how much he means to her? Or will she forget about him forever?

  • The Betrayal of Trust
    12.2K 393 20

    Riley is crushed and betrayed when her best friend, Maya Hart, tells her crush, Lucas Friar that she likes him. Will Riley ever forgive Maya? Will Riley ever tell Lucas she likes him? Will Farkle ever have the courage to tell Maya how he feels? Will Maya ever win Riley back? All will be revealed in this thrilling dram...

  • What we could've been
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    Lucas left her because he couldn't handle it, Riley was broken but needed to survive for the life that she carried. Its been 5 years since it all happened and now Lucas is back looking for what he left behind

  • Deal, Friar - Rucas
    6.5K 347 10

    Three simple words. Eight letters. "Fine, I'm in." Riley Matthews never expected to befriend the school's arrogant and self centered, Lucas Friar. They were always at opposite ends of each other, never acknowledging their existence. That is until they begin to share the same interest of destroying Charlie Gardner's pa...

    32.5K 1.5K 18

    ❝IT'S A FOOL PROOF PLAN. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THE WAY TO A GIRL'S HEART IS THROUGH HER BEST FRIEND.❞ in which all plans are known to have major repercussions. even fool proof ones. GMW AU!

  • Back To Basics
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    Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her...