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    #132 in Random WILL OPEN UP AGAIN SOON! AS WE ARE CURRENTLY HELPING SELF PUBLISHED AUTHORS FOR ADVERTISING & MARKETING. Welcome to the Talk show!. Here you can know about your favorite Author. Once in Two weeks we will have two interviews : 1) Featured Author of Wattpad. 2) The upcoming Newbies. Don't forget to chec...

  • Character Interviews. (Watty edition)
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    (I DO NOT OWN THE PICS OR VIDEOS) LIGHTS! CAMERA! WRITE! From the creator of Character Interviews comes Wattys orange carpet pre-show! Watch your main stars come answering our host's question and viewers can take a peek of interest at many titles stars are in! So come Watty writers and characters and let's get your sp...

  • Interviews
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    Where the featured authors of After Dark get real and unfiltered!

  • Character Interviews. (Novels to be read for readers)
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    (I DON'T OWN THE PICS OR VIDEOS) For all you readers have been seeing author interviews, reading requests, critics. But have they ever let your own main characters do the talk? Welcome to Character Interviews! The right place for your main characters to tell about your book! Not only that, but it includes what typ...

  • Interviews of Wattpad Writers
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    collections of interviews from various writers on wattpad :) Readers : you can send me a request of your favourite writer :) if he/ she is available i will make sure to ask them some questions :)

  • Wattpad Interviews
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    Wouldn't you love to find out where your favourite Wattpad writer's motivation comes from? Or why they started writing in the first place? Hopefully, I'll be interviewing some Wattpad writers suggested by you guys! So read on to find out about your favourite Wattpad writers!

  • The Writer Awards 2016
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    //COMPETITON PASSED// Best: #202 in Random THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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    THE ROYALIST'S AWARDS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED! The due date is gone so no further Entries will be accepted! The last date for entering is October 30th. If you think your story can make it to the top, send in your entry now. Read on to enroll!

  • The Fiction Awards 2017
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    The Fiction Awards are back! All genres of fiction. All writers. All languages. Bigger and better than before. Let the competition begin. - Cover by @onederstruck-

  • Rose Awards
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    I decided to open one of these to help unrecognised as well as deserving writers receive the recognition they deserve. VOTING CLOSED! RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

  • The Fiction Awards 2016
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    The Fiction Awards 2016. All genres of fiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin. - Cover by @onederstruck-