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  • Gladiator
    109K 4.9K 36

    His chest glistened with water droplets dribbling down the glowing bronze skin. Resting, his strong muscular back against the rocks on the lake side, head lulled backwards, onyx eyes closed in utter salvation. "Your spying on me is utterly useless young tulip." Ink eyes opened, resting upon my little frame making me f...

  • Thief of My Heart (Watty Awards Finalist 2012)
    3.2M 34.6K 49

    Hannibal Heyes is an outlaw trying to go straight. He's wanted dead or alive. The former leader of the Devil's Hole Gang doesn't have time or room for a woman in his life. But when he saves a girl from a band of murdering thieves, everything changes. With the threat of murderers on their tail and the ever growing at...

  • Silent Warriors II
    22.6K 1.2K 10

    Ash Decker is the President of the Silent Warrior's Motorcycle Club of Evergreen, Colorado. He takes his position seriously and won't let anyone get in the way of that. When a blast from Melody's past rockets into the clubhouse of the Silent Warriors; Ash with the help of his brother, Oak must protect their family on...

  • Pierce
    515K 22.2K 51

    Pierce Lockland's reputation as a playboy and all around ladies man is hard earned. With a massive muscular build and a panty-dropping smile, Pierce looks more like a male model than a former Marine sniper, but that doesn't make him any less lethal. As a member of Bravo Team at Knight Security, Pierce is a trained kil...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mafia Monk (Crazy Mafia series Book 1)
    870K 36.8K 44

    "I kill for living" I said seriously expecting the beauty before me to back away in fear. I leaned close towards her and brought my face just inches away from her beautiful pinkish face. "Kill? Kill what?" She frowned. I internally hit my forehead at the raising annoyance. She didn't back away from the closeness, in f...

  • Phoenix
    47.3K 2.3K 82

    Orphan Ashalia sleeps with her eyes open, walks with her back to the dormitory walls and never lets the other kids see her fears. In a world powered by greed, every moment could be her last. She also has a secret. An ability so powerful that if the ruling caste knew of what she was capable, they might do to her what t...

  • The Man In The Mountains
    348K 12.2K 16

    Floren Rivers went on her senior high school field trip to the woods. Rule number one; always stay in groups. Floren has always loved nature, one night while everyone was asleep she went on her own field trip. She found thousands of beautiful things, including a river close by. But as she went deeper into the woods, a...

  • Destined || 2
    5.3K 266 6

    She is a princess. He is a demon. She wears her heart on her sleeve. He's cold and damaged. He's broken. And so is she. The darkness thriving in both. * * * Aurora Blackwood, daughter of the devil and the witch of the night. Hidden away inside the castle for years, all she wants is to get out and live freely...

  • Bear and Haisley |T.W #1|
    447K 12.4K 41

    Bear is the President of The Wolves Haisley is a small-town waitress Bear lives for his MC Haisley is barely living for herself ~ Can he finally let his guard down and love or will he push her away and drink away the loneliness he feels deep within for the rest of his life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Favorite Comments}~~~~~~~~~~...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hubby For Hire (completed)✔️
    915K 31.6K 80

    My name is Valentina and I was invited to my sisters wedding to my ex best friend James. I don't want to go to the wedding stag so a friend suggested I give Hubby For Hire a call. I set up the dates with the boss. The hubby for hire shows up on my doorstep. He leans on one knee and pulls out a box. "I Austin take you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Possession
    121K 4.9K 34


  • Anastasia
    174K 6.9K 33

    ( BOOK FOUR OF COSA NOSTRA SERIES ) - Anastasia ( UNEDITED) This book is rated R. You can expect violence, adult language, triggering moments, and sexual content. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Anastasia Moore, a young girl directed in the wrong direction. Her life is what people call disastrous and unfixable. She had fallen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Freed
    307K 12.9K 40

    ( BOOK THREE OF THE COSA NOSTRA SERIES ) - Freed The worst thing you could ever take away from a man, is their world. For Gavin, that had to be his wife. Daniella, the one woman this small Mafia group had swore to lay down their life for had been taken. Not taken by just anyone, it happened to be the son of Goramel...

  • Identity
    456K 16.5K 37

    ( BOOK TWO OF THE COSA NOSTRA SERIES ) - Identity Death is a game nobody plays with. Several months after taking out the Slovakian Mafia, clear skies seemed all too perfect for the now infamous Navarro group. Dani took a step up, her position as Tactician had earned her place in the headquarters, and had gained ma...

  • Ascension
    994K 30.4K 41

    (BOOK ONE OF COSA NOSTRA SERIES. ) - Ascension Being oblivious her entire life has finally caught up to Daniella Alverez as questioning events started to happen all around her. After graduating with a business degree in college, her life only went downhill from there. Chaos erupted and only pushed Daniella into a l...

  • After hours
    2.4M 80.1K 46

    He was horrible at remembering names. It was weeks before he stopped calling me 'Laura.' I don't even look like a Laura. And the way he never used the intercom system? How professional, my boss is screaming across the office for me. Again. He's arrogant. He's always seven minutes late. Couldn't keep an assistant arou...

  • Carmichael's Omega (Sample Only)
    197K 1.4K 6

    Author's Warning: This is a MMF menage shifter romance. Mature for violence, sexual situations, language, and dubious consent. Carmichael Javier Reyes is the alphason of a broken pack. It seems that the Lobogris are nothing more than violent criminals and Carmichael is their crown prince. Cold, remote, and vicious...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bodyguard (BOC Series) (1 of 6) ✔
    86K 4.9K 42

    Nathan Henry thinks of no one but his family. With his family on the verge of being thrown out of their home, Nathan has to work twice as hard to put their lives back together. He is dependent on his occupation as a respected special military agent. It pays well and feeds his family. It's a job he has put his life on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving My Reject(BOOK 1 OF TRILOGY)
    1.2M 26.2K 21

    Klover has been bullied and insulted since the day she didn't change into her wolf form. Her brother, sister, and parents abandoned her and completely left her in the dark. The only reason why she's stayed for so long is because she still wishes for her mate to show, but when she finds out who her mate is, he rejects...

  • Never Destined To Be Weak
    748K 24.2K 65

    Sylvia was never one to gain much attention. Sure she is very nice to look at but all the attention is turned to her twin sister and Luna of the Specter Pack Marisa. She was contended living the way she is having the love of her family, her twin sister, and her best friend and Alpha of the Specter Pack Dylan Rodins. S...

  • Jewel
    250K 13.4K 58

    Julie was abused from her earliest memories. Then she goes to a party that changes everything. She meets the powerful Adam Demarco and tells him off. Adam has never met anyone that dared to tell him off, let alone a puny human. Intrigued he stalks her and when her family kicks her out of her house offers her a chance...

  • Witching Tree (Alice Gray Book 1)
    78.8K 7.1K 69

    New job, new city, fresh start. If she could only ignore the magic, strange creatures and weird family history that plague her every step, Alice Gray 'might' have a chance at a normal life and new boyfriend. Probably not though, normal isn't really her thing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In the wilds of rural Lancashire, England, in 1...

  • Fate
    1.6M 85.6K 71

    *First title in the Immortal Series* "He's the one they tell you never to make a deal with." After her parents agreed to give her to the infamous immortal, Fate, once she reached a certain age, Zayla has accepted her life as over. But not without a fight. For years, she has spent training to kill an immortal. To kill...

  • INCARNATE | Book 3 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt]
    25.2K 653 13

    Beware the wrath of a patient man. Patercius - once the Sun God, Inti - is on a path of destruction. Believing the spirits to be demons, the knight has tasked himself with fulfilling the Light's prophecy and ridding the world of shapeshifters once and for all. The Great Dragon Nwyfre, having reunited with his true lov...

  • GUARDIAN | Book 2 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt]
    38.6K 1.3K 10

    You mess with one of the Three, you mess with them all. The Battle of the Ritual may be over, but the war against the Covenant has only just begun. Skye and her companions head to Canada in search of more recruits and for Sejka's long-lost brother. Meanwhile, Mac Tíre, Ace and Greg remain in the U.K. to seek an old...

  • Uriel: The Price (Airel Saga Book Six)
    61.7K 5.9K 30

    All Uriel wanted was to be loved... Uriel has kept more than one deep dark secret for thousands of years. It's only fitting, then, that she should be the one to suffer the shock when it matters most. Bloodlines and ghosts, echoes from the ancient past. In the smash, what will break out into the light? Once more, we se...

  • Uriel: The Inheritance (Airel Saga Book Five)
    88.2K 8.2K 35

    All Uriel wanted was to be loved... When heroes start to tell lies, even to themselves: Uriel. She's spent thousands of years fighting against her destiny, fighting against her bereaved father, against El Himself. "It's just one letter, but it's my letter, father..." What happened in Cape Town is going to have consequ...

  • Michael: The Mark (Airel Saga Book Four)
    133K 11.6K 39

    Book 4 in the Airel Saga. If you missed the first three books, they're on Wattpad (Book 1 is Airel: The Awakening; Book 2 is Airel: The Discovering; Book 3 is Michael: The Curse). Every book in this series is available in eBook format from Amazon/Kindle, Google Play, Apple/iTunes/iBooks, Barnes & Noble/Nook, and Kobo...

  • Michael: The Curse (Airel Saga Book Three)
    202K 15.2K 35

    Book 3 in the Airel Saga. If you missed the first two books, they're both on Wattpad (Book 1 is Airel: The Awakening; Book 2 is Airel: The Discovering). Every book in this series is available in eBook format from Amazon/Kindle, Google Play, Apple/iTunes/iBooks, Barnes & Noble/Nook, and Kobo. Anyone with a smartphone...

  • Airel: The Discovering (Airel Saga Book Two)
    535K 32K 45

    Book 2 of 6 in the Airel Saga, a young adult paranormal romance story.