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    [ ⚣ ] in which the five times jimin tells yoongi he loves him and the one time yoongi says it back.

  • Instagram 《myg+pjm》 (COMPLETED)
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    When Yoongi stumbles across an account that caught his attention.

  • Together/SequelToEmbarrassed/(YoonminFanfiction)
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    About a month after Yoongi and Jimin are married and adopted a two year old girl named Hyesu, they start noticing her sadness about leaving her mother. They try their best to cheer her up until one day... Her mom arrives at their front door step asking for her back but they all know that's dangerous for all of them. A...

  • YOONMIN ; oneshots
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    "I'm taller than Jimin." "The exact difference is 0.2 cm." ( hiatus ) All Rights Reserved, copyright © apricotjimin 2016

  • Yoonmin Oneshot
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    I don't know, I'll just write a one-shot and see how it goes from there

  • Hair~ |yoonmin oneshot
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    ✨A yoonmin oneshot Hope you got your jams ready ✨

  • save me | yoonmin
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    he slowly reached the bedroom and opened the door only a tiny bit, gazing into obscurity. yoongi was sitting at his desk only a couple of steps away from jimin, his back turned to the door as the boy buttoned his computer's keyboard frenetically. a faint curse left his mouth, followed by a quiet sob. jimin's heart s...

  • ♡ YoonMin Oneshots ♡
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    Min Yoon Gi infires Jimin in a thousand ways

  • Insecure | *YoonMin Oneshot*
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    "Sobs filled the air when Yoongi returned home that night. Oh, Jimin..."

  • Broken Strings {YoonMin Oneshot}
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    "It's not fair, y'know? It really isn't. The world, I mean." YoonMin fanfic. This be my first oneshot, so constructive criticism greatly appreciated! ^-^

  • [Yoonmin - Oneshot] Roomates
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    Appreciate what you have, before it turns into what you had. __________

  • Yoonmin Oneshots
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    Just a bunch of Oneshots that are tOo short to be made into a book. Plus this is a good way to not have so many books on my account

  • Yoonmin Oneshots
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    The title says it all :)

  • yoonmin _ yoonmin
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    ❝ obviously gay ❞ #479 in fanfiction 01/13/18 #104 in oneshots 06/25/18 #29 in yoonmin 07/19/18

  • ➳ Yoonmin One Shots
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    Just a collection of Yoonmin one shots written by someone who ships it a bit too much ^-^