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  • she looks like you | k.t.h
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    a kim taehyung fanfiction: a series of messages to the boy who got her pregnant.

  • Work Of Art
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    Then there was a long pause, a minute of silence he so desperately needed just to wrap his thoughts around all of this. ''Ah, I'm sorry about your boyfriend. I couldn't help myself. The thought of somebody else having you, somebody else owning such a precious work of art drove me insane.'' Within seconds, he stood up...

  • Cataclysm || Taehyung
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    ❝ and so god help me - i fell in love with a monster, and it broke my soul in two. ❞ ♠ ♠ ♠ Kim Taehyung was lust incarnate - a devil with allure, a Fae prince shrouded in mystery. When Chae Luna met him on a crowded street one night, she became his next target, an innocent soul playing a dance of death. And before she...

  • Most Hated | k.namjoon
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    Within one year she went from being in the top 1% of the country in terms of academic to becoming the most hated woman in the nation. Her life seemed picture perfect in everyone's eyes. No one would've guessed she would be the person they'd end up watching on the news, for all the wrong reasons. It began with one boy...