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  • kiwi | kim taehyung
    1.6M 92.2K 61

    ❝ 021-819-4426: so what's my name in your phone? ;) ❞ « in which five teens come together in a group chat to cheat on mr. kang's physics exams.

  • Ouma loses his fucking mind (kiibouma)
    4.1K 163 5

    new danganronpa game new crack fic

  • joke exposing pt. 2
    2.7K 379 9

    where i make a comeback with even more exposing, look out !!1!1

  • Ouma's Bizzare Adventure
    5.9K 332 17

    joj- i mean ouma goes on adventures around the world with five other people while meeting other characters will you join the adventure with ouma ?

  • living with bts??1!!1!1!1!??1!?
    579 66 4

    riley is a 16 yr old korean asian girl and finds out she is living with the 7 hottest boys of the school what is going to happen

  • rants™
    57.5K 8K 127

    amirite ladies

  • Haru x Water
    3K 259 1

    Haru x Water smut. Boy x a non-living liquid that people drink to survive. Don't like don't read. (;