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  • {HIATUS} Pleasing Punishment [Karamatsu x Reader] LEMON ONE SHOT
    11.6K 213 2

    (Y/N) got tired of the Matsu's always treating their brother like shit, so she comes up with the great idea of pleasing Karamatsu while punishing his brothers at the same time. . . . COMING SOON BABES EDIT: ALREADY HERE BABES ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) P.S: Reader is a female with female body parts, sorry if you aren't any of this. ...

  • Osomatsu-san X Reader *Oneshots*
    2.9K 37 2

    This is an Oneshot book, If you didn't already know. I will Not take requests because I'm only doing this when I am really bored. Some oneshots will be long and some will be short. This book contains Lemons and if you don't like Lemons then don't read it. Cover art is not mine nor are the other arts unless I say that...

  • Little Sister?! (Osomatsu-San x reader)
    48.2K 1.1K 10

    You were adopted by the parents of the Matsuno brothers. As if they didn't already have enough kids... You are eighteen while your six older brothers are in their twenties. Your a pretty shy and socially awkward girl but your the most sweetest and caring person ever. Your an introvert but you do like to go outside som...

  • Ichimatsu x Reader [LEMON one-shots]
    82.6K 1.1K 4

    Have some smut of the cat-loving Matsu -u- Everything is a series of one-shots so enjoy~ (will update once in a while) Rating: M/18+ Content warning: dirty talk, heavily sexual scenes

  • Our promise (Osomatsu San x reader fanfic!)
    37.8K 1.1K 13

    You're a shy, introverted girl, who didnt have that much self confidence and socialization. And finally in your 20's (or19) you decided to move and began living alone! You couldn't wait to be there as there is a whole new world waiting for you!! But suddenly you meet 6 people with the same faces?! Just who exactly are...

  • Karamatsu X Female Reader Lemons
    8.5K 143 3

    Have a faptastic day, you Karamatsu fuckers. I HAVE SINNED

  • Osomatsu-San X Reader [One Shot, Lemon]
    129K 1.8K 28

    Do you love The 6 Neets that we all know and love! Do you love them wearing funky outfits/cosplay XD Well you're in luck! This fanfiction brings your Matsuno in different outfits in to different scenario X Reader!!

  • all the things she said. | matsus x reader |
    206K 3.9K 70

    "Love" stories with horny virgin NEETs. Have fun ♡ (how do I summary???) I don't beta read lol This will contain ♡ fluff ♤smut ♧angst Started: 1. July 2016 Finished: 18. August 2018 Restarted: 21. April 2020 #1 in Osomatsusan❤️ -Toffie out.

  • One-shots [Osomatsu-san x Reader]
    10.9K 291 3

    [Matsuno brothers x Reader] [ON HIATUS]

  • 【Osomatsu-san】x Reader
    62K 2.2K 25

    "So, you wanna get it on with the sextuplets, huh?" You nodded ecstatically. What else were you here for? "Well, guess what?" You cocked your head in a questioning manner. "Your wish has been granted!" As soon as those words echoed through your ears, you've been transported to the world of Osomatsu-san! What's a story...

  • Imagine this (Osomatsu-san x reader)
    49.1K 1K 13

    Some will be NSFW They're just sweet/dirty ideas (fantasies) I have of them. It's not really a fanfic but rather me just rambling. You are free to use these ideas as a fanfic but please credit me ( or like hint my existence )

  • Osomatsu-san x Reader
    778 34 1

    This is my first x reader insert story.. I hope it isn't too bad or anything.. Anyways, enjoy!

  • Osomatsu-San X Reader Stories~
    28.1K 607 7

    IF YOU LIKE OSOMATSU-SAN, PLEASE BE FRIENDS WITH ME!!! I MUST FIND OTHERS OF MY KIND!!! XD Anyway, this is just a little collection of Osomatsu-San x reader stories I come up with~ (( hopefully I can get about 5 in here...... XD )) I MAY be taking requests soon but, I don't know yet~ ;3 We will seeeeee~

    57.1K 1K 10

    "I should've never had accepted to bet with Matsuno Osomatsu..." Well this is actually my first Reader Insert, so I hope everyone enjoys it. (Even tho, I wrote it like I normally write, just that I inserted the [Y/N] thingy, I hope you guys don't mind.) Reader is a female with female body parts, sorry if you aren't an...

  • Osomatsu-san Oneshots
    22.7K 433 18

    as said in the title; one-shots ♡ this book is lemon free ♡ swear words are not inevitable ♡

  • Osomatsu San☆ Various X Reader
    69.6K 1.4K 20

    Yep, dedicated to all Osomatsu san fans out there looking for a new story to read :D Feel free to comment ideas,request characters and all that mambo jambo :3

  • Osomatsu-San X Reader
    24.8K 532 13

    Just another osomatsu San x reader since there aren't many tbh ... Or mostly not done yet ..... Warning !!! I don't own any of the characters or you !! Only the stories that are from my imagination ONLY !!!!! Cover by :peachypxnda

  • Osomatsu-san X Reader [Various]
    32.9K 594 7

    Various cause i can't choose only one out of them :P Reader insert! A little fluff! Pictures are not mine. Credit to the owner

  • Osomatsu-san x Reader ✔
    116K 3.3K 25

    All kinds of drabbles and short stories about Matsuno brothers x Reader

  • Jyushimatsu x Reader
    10.9K 360 3

    • Requested by @AliceVanellopeBikerEr • [ also thanks so much for the drawing I really loved it *^* ] Anime: Osomatu-san Rating: PG (pretty goody fluff) Ahh my first Juicy x Reader enjoy ~

  • Osomatsu-san x Reader
    71.6K 1.5K 6

    The Osomatsu-san brothers x reader! You can imagine this as their original style or F6 style, it doesn't matter! 1- Osomatsu, 2- Karamatsu, 3- Choromatsu, 4- Ichimatsu, 5- Jyushimatsu, 6- Todomatsu A one-shot of each of the brothers based on the ED song!

  • Exhibitionists [Osomatsu x Pervert!Reader] LEMON ONE SHOTS
    11K 213 2

    RANDOM ONE SHOTS OF PUBLIC SEX WITH OSOMATSU BECAUSE FUCK YEAH This one shots somehow are related to each other, they're all from the same "story/plot", just that they don't have any order at all Amazing art from cover by @takosu_chan on Tumblr, because I'm really starting to grow a huge obsession with their art <3

  • Osomatsu-san Related!!
    762 26 3

    Fanfictions, Image, Songs, Everything related to Osomatsu-san!! I don't accept requests because I suck at every character except for Osomatsu because I love him dearly. Okay see you! NOTE: The characters, mainly Osomatsu Matsuno and his beloved brothers, are not mine! They're originally created by Akatsuka Fujio.

  • Osomatsu-san X Reader (One Shot)
    4.9K 94 2

    Ahhh I wanna write x reader for my favorite anime so feel free to request ! ;7;

  • «Osomatsu-San x Reader ONESHOTS» (Hiatus!)
    15K 357 8

    "We're Sextuplets!" - Imagine dating, 6 same faces. That's what this book is about! OneShots of The Osomatsu-San Brothers! If I'm not updating, it's either; A) School B) I'm stressed Or C) I don't feel like it. Other than that, enjoy! Cover made by: Me (Oh yeah, expect a lot of GIFS) (And I dont know if my stories are...

  • Osomatsu-San X Reader // One shots [ DISCONTINUED ]
    69.2K 1.4K 13

    || Osomatsu - San Oneshots || [ DISCONTINUED ] There is small one shots for these cuties inside this book. Some might be small and some might be long. This is mainly based on FLUFF. There might be a bit of angst in this book as well. This book is also mainly based onto the six Mastuno brothers!! || Art goes to the ri...

  • Santa! Osomatsu x Reader
    11.6K 304 3

    • Requested by @mikasasucasa • Something like a (sorta late) Christmas present for all of you! <3 Enjoy ~ Anime: Osomatsu-san Pairing: Osomatsu x Reader Rating: PG-13 (some lemon scenes)