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  • Miss Peregrine's Stories- Pharaoh and Pea
    371 14 1

    When a mysterious baby arrives on their doorstep, the peculiar children find themselves embarking on an adventure unlike any before! Together they will travel through the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and, with the help of a very special ymbryne, might just get out alive...

  • The War ~ MPHFPC
    1.9K 189 19

    Three months after the war for peculiardom, Wights are taking extreme measures to avenge Caul. The only person who knows this is Ransom Riggs. But, of course he'll need to find the children- and fast. Join the peculiars as they evade capture from several Wights, laugh and cry, and even make a new friend.

  • Enoch O'Connor, Traitor of Peculiardom (MPHFPC fanfic)
    3.5K 84 7

    I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!! ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RANSOM RIGGS!!!!!!!!! It's been six months since everything happened, and life has gone about as normal as it could. Miss Peregrine and her wards live at Jacob's house now that his parents have run away, afraid to go near them. All of the children go to school in the...

  • Fanfictions XD
    7.7K 214 20

    Just read it

  • Leatherbound Lives
    5.6K 325 10

    **DISCONTINUED** ''Time travel existed. Monsters existed, too. I could live forever, if I wanted to. But I would have to give up my freedom in order to do so.'' After discovering the existence of a seemingly impossible ability, Lynn Midge and her family go on a well-deserved vacation to the U.K. - their first stop bei...

  • Tangibility- A Miss Peregrines Fanfiction #2
    29.3K 1.4K 32

    Nettalyn Apiston thought she was dead. But that was before she opened her eyes to her new world, the one that was around her. Having spent the past three weeks with Myron Bentham inside his magnificent house, she wants to see her friends again. But loyalties split from the war make travel to the Ymbrynic side of thing...

  • Shadow Girl (A mphfpc Fanfiction)
    171K 5K 39

    Elizabeth James is peculiar. Her peculiarity is the fact that she can turn into a shadow. Her parents were disgusted by this 'uniqueness' so she ran away. Eventually she found a home at Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Credit for Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children goes to Ransom Riggs Cover by: ToniK...

  • Fandomly Things
    843 49 12

    Hello readers. All your favorite fandom characters will be currently staying at Hogwarts thanks to Professor Dumbledores kindness.This book will have all your favorite Fandoms. If yours isn't in here then comment and I'll add it. Have fun reading this book. I know I'll have fun writing it. I don't own any of the chara...

  • Audibility- A Miss Peregrines Fanfiction #1
    127K 3.6K 30

    Nettalyn Apiston, a girl with hyperacusia, or enhanced hearing, is not an ordinary girl. Well, she's peculiar even for a peculiar. She lives in Miss Grouse's Home for Special Children. There, she doesn't have many friends. When a letter arrives from her older brother Hugh, telling her to come to Cairnholm Island fast...

  • Fiona And Hugh's Happy Ending
    6.2K 131 5

    Ransom Riggs has torn my heart out and ripped it to pieces with Library of Souls, so if you have not read it, DO NOT READ THIS! MILD SPOILERS FOR LOS IN THIS DESCRIPTION AND BOOK! Okay, if you have, carry on! So, our OTP Fugh has been torn apart, but no worries, she's not dead. At least no one can tell me she is, and...

  • Peculiar Pasts (an MPHFPC Fanfic because why not)
    5.1K 149 4

    How the peculiars became Miss Peregrine's wards.

  • The only ymbryne
    1.4K 58 6

    This is a story about, Miss Peregrines life. It will tell how I think Miss Peregrines life from childhood to adulthood, Down to when Jacob arrived. DISCLAIMER: I do not own miss Peregrine or any other characters involved in this story. They are not my intellectual property but, ransom riggs' and quirk books. This i...