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  • Forget Me Not - Zervis
    12.3K 582 8

    Eleven years ago, Mavis Vermillion, a lowly peasent's child met Prince Zeref Dragneel, the eldest prince of Magnolia. She was said to have dissapeared, leaving the young prince crest fallen. His first and only friend, and his first love, gone, forever. Perhaps the curse he was said to have, may just turn into a blessi...

  • Out Of The Shadows
    33.2K 1.5K 23

    A Mavis x Zeref fanfic. Mavis is new to the Fairy Tail high school, not expecting to much she meets a boy who's depressed and in the darkness named Zeref. But she's determined to show Zeref the light and bring him out of the shadows. (Also some GaLe, NaLu, Jerza, Gruvia)

  • Connected Ties (Assassination Classroom Fanfic)
    307K 10.3K 48

    There was this girl black haired girl her eyes were blood red and it appears that her left eye was always covered with her bangs. She was studying In Kunugigaoka Junior High. An Elite school for what they say the chosen people. Fortunately for her, she has a childhood friend there. She managed to get in Class A, but w...

  • Lucy Strauss
    20.5K 671 7

    ~ ORIGINAL STORY BY AmiGurner ~ What if Lucy was one of the Strauss siblings? Read to find out about Lucy Strauss's life story! :D

  • The Assassin's Love (karmaAkabaneXreader)
    312K 6.9K 47

    (Y/N)(L/N) an elite student request to transfer to class 3-E to study for third year in junior high. The principle fulfilled her request unwillingly due to one contition that had been pressured on. This will be the story on how they met. DISCLAIMER: Assassination classroom and the characters do not belong to me.All...

  • Titania the Fairy Queen and The Prince Jellal: Fairy Tail FanFic {Jerza}
    19K 578 11

    I do not own Fairy Tail, this is a fanfiction. Cover is done by sasumi616889. Here is her page- Erza Titania Scarlet has to become the next fairy queen soon. But in order for this to happen she has to get married. Jellal Fernandez is a prince and the next heir for the throne. He wi...

  • Finding Forgiveness {Jerza}
    97.5K 4K 62

    Romance/Adventure Story When Jellal and Erza decide to team up on a dangerous case together, they didn't realize how deeply they felt towards one another. This was going to be more than just any job for Erza as Jellal admits his true feelings towards her. She'll have to prove not only her physical strength, but also...

  • Fairy Tail: The Great Warrior [Jerza]
    23K 882 43

    An actress and a general...a story that transcends time and space between two worlds.

  • Battling With Fate *Jerza* FTWattyAwards
    30.7K 1.1K 17

    Best Friend: Noun 1. An especially close or trusted friend. Antonyms: 1. Worst enemy. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• To start off, battling fate is not a good idea. Don't try it at home kids. Jellal and Erza can tell you that. Erza Scarlet. The girl with an unfortunate past. Scof...

  • Falling for a stranger (JeRza) 【COMPLETE】
    28.9K 1.3K 24

    I don't know her name, i don't know where she came from... But one thing i know for sure, is that i'm in love with her... Jellal was never interested in forming any relationships until one day he bumped into a Scarlet beauty that might just changed his opinion on Love _______________________________________________ D...