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  • love is unexpected
    54.7K 3.5K 28

    Vic Fuentes a 17 year old, what you'd call 'typical' boy. He loved his family and friends, he loved his band and making music. Everything was going well in Vic's life, there was no worries or bumps in the road. You could say he had it easy.. Until, His mother and father decided to foster Kellin. Kellin was also 17, b...

  • THEFT ✦ frerard
    3K 126 12

    frank iero is a thief. ▽ ||frerard short story|| ||lowercase intended||

  • Voiceless Generation
    3.4K 242 2

    Kellin finally gets accepted to the music school of his dreams. The only problem? He's mute. Vic takes interest in the one mute boy who decided music school was a great idea. What happens when he learns the truth? Will Vic finally get Kellin to sing again? ~~~~~~ Cover by: AnonymoulyBeautiful

  • My Sister's Best Friend (Kellic)
    18.2K 1.4K 28

    Kellin always thought his sister's friends were annoying. That is, until he met Vic Fuentes, the openly gay Junior who Kellin thinks he has no chance with.

  • Evocative
    953 100 12

    Do you believe in Ghosts? Paranormal activity- spirits, communications between the living and the dead; hauntings? Not like Casper, the kind everyone is afraid to come across. Or maybe the ones that make you go crazy; crazy for love?

  • Besitos (Kellic)
    44.2K 2.4K 25

    Punk Vic & pastel Kellin. This story sucks ass, ill probably edit it. Please dont hate on it. :(

    Completed   Mature
  • Teacher Aide (kellic)
    819K 33.4K 46

    Victor Fuentes is a new teacher who takes the place of Mr.Kraler. Mr. Fuentes comes into the school thinking he would just be teaching students and making friends with the staff there. But what he doesnt know is that one boy will corrupt his mind. Kellin Quinn Bostwick is your normal teenage boy. He has a normal life...

  • The Definition Of Not Leaving (Kellic)
    54.7K 4K 31

    Leave (verb): to depart from permanently Hollywood is a big place for Kellin Quinn, but he is still your average nobody. Living in a large house with the set designer, his uncle, of many popular movies, Kellin lives a life just like any other 17 year old kid. Until he meets Vic Fuentes, a boy with stars in his eyes...

  • I Can Save You (Kellic)
    137K 6.1K 44

    Kellin Quinn is the kid in the back of the class, who gets bullied because of his sexuality. Vic Fuentes is the one who seems to be at every social event their school has. Simply put, these two are look like polar opposites, right? Wrong. Everybody has secrets that they never intend on telling anyone, but sometimes, w...

  • (Jalex) The First Step Towards Repair
    293K 12K 41

    Alex Gaskarth transfers to Dulaney High after certain incidents. The generally quiet, sad boy changes when he meets Jack Barakat.