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    I punch the boy standing in front of me. In the face. Hard. "Surrender?" I ask. My eyebrows twitch. The boy writhes beneath me. He's seriously underestimated my determination and resilience. He's two years younger than I am and built like a twig. I may only be small myself, and I'm not a boy either, but I am a survivo...

  • Savages
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    No rules, no rulers. An escape from a cruel world. Eleven teenagers start again, alone, on a deserted island. With everything at stake and emotions running high, are they able to carve out a better society, or will they just struggle to survive? When life is on the line, is it possible to be anything other than savag...

  • My Own Peter Pan Story
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    "How did you get up here!" I whisper shouted at the owner of those green eyes. He didn't answer me. "Just calm down and lay back down. You're still weak, you need to rest." His voice soothed me a bit but I was still curious. He gently pushed me back onto the bed and then continued wiping my face with a damp cloth. T...