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  • (Naruto fanfic ) Dear whoever cares ~COMPLETED~
    102K 4.2K 23

    Naruto writes a suicide note addressed to everyone he cares about. Will his loved ones stop him or will they be helpless to stop him? Also, this is a Shikanaru.

  • Kitsune-sama (Genius Naruto Story)
    201K 6.9K 16

    In which Naruto Uzamaki is free of all the chains Kohona had bound to him.

  • The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfiction
    794K 15K 42

    Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, away to train with the Kyuubi's chakra while they leave Naruto in the village, and only bad things can come from that. After a few years, Orochimaru sta...

  • The Forgotten Child of Destiny
    503K 14K 43

    Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze grew up being hated, despised, beaten, and abused all because of what he held within him. The nine tailed demon fox that nearly destroyed the village and killed many people. Tired of the hate, sneers, and being ignored by his only family, Naruto leaves the village in search for Kurama's family...

  • Sinner: Volume ONE
    17.3K 2K 19

    The Sinara Academy competition is the center of attention once again. A young Sinner, Zayden Fareno, with his motives and dreams on his mind, will enter along with all the participants that appear. Each participant comes in with their own powers and goals they wish to accomplish. The tension as they progress through e...

  • Recovering Hero ( Percy and Avengers crossover)
    90K 3K 9

    Percy is hurt . He runs into Bruce Banner who wants to help him. Thing get crazy from there as Percy joins the avengers family.

  • Savage Desires
    3.4M 151K 29

    First book in The Blood Moon series Caspar Callahan was invisible to the people around him almost his whole life. At the age of five, his parents get brutally murdered as he was forced to watch. With no relatives, he was placed in a foster home. The police questioned him, but he knew better and didn't say a word. With...

    Completed   Mature
  • Swim With Me
    1.6M 97.6K 41

    Laken Murdock belongs in the water, even his name shows it. Ever since he was little, he has loved swimming and anything to do with being in water. So it comes to no surprise that he is the Captain of the swim team at his University. He's popular for taking the school to victory every year and being in his last year b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avoiding The CEO
    11.1M 418K 42

    Zander Storm is the CEO of Storm Enterprises. His company deals with a bunch of different things from casinos to malls, planes to boats and mergers to takeovers. He's made himself a billionaire at the young age of twenty-seven. Everyone wants a piece of the man even though he's never shown an interest in anyone trying...

  • Burn my heart (a blue exorcist Fanfiction)
    60.8K 2.1K 7

    A blue exorcist fanfic I do not own When the training camp was attacked by amaimon and Rin was discovered to be the son of satan, his friends did not take it to well, in fact they wanted him dead, so Rin runs away and to where you ask... gehenna the demon world. To rin's suprise it wasn't what he expected. Gehenna was...

  • Windswept
    5.5M 113K 41

    Reid has been homeless on the streets of New York for years now, fighting for cash in clubs and sleeping in empty buildings. With his special ability, Reid could have whatever life he wanted, but chooses not to. When Sam meets Reid on the subway, she has a hard time forgetting about him, and not only because he kee...

  • A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy)
    2.8M 114K 67

    When a master class vampire decides he wants a certain marine by his side then nothing; not even that marine's own hatred of what he is will stop him from making him his Cover by; AuthorJJones

  • Breaking Through (Completed)
    319K 15K 21

    Stiles is a Spark but he has no idea. He saved some of the Hale pack from the fire years ago. His father dies in a police shooting and Stiles gets dumped into the foster system. After years of fighting the system he gets the shock of his life. He ends up at the Hale House. Sterek, SparkStiles. *** all characters and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brave { Neville Longbottom}
    5.1M 390K 180

    Long before she was sorted into the Gryffindor house, Kefira Walsh was known as the "little lion" in her family. The youngest of the four Walsh girls, Kefira wasn't supposed to survive long after birth, but as she celebrates her eleventh birthday, the girl has already proven that she is a warrior. With her fearless...

  • Let The Games Begin
    220K 8.7K 12

    The funny thing about true love is that there's no truth in it. There are no happy endings when your life isn't a fairytale, and there's no prince waiting for you when the man you love works on a farm. To be the Queen, I have to give Alistair up. Nobody says it has to be completely...

  • Da Long Lost Relatives (Hoo and Hp fanfic)
    372K 11.9K 30

    Only one of the seven survived the war. Percy Jackson. After Annabeth dies, he's broken. Not the same seaweed brain as before. He returns to his apartment, to find his mom, and Paul dead. killed by one of Gaea's minions in revenge. He finds out that his mom had a sister. Petunia Dursley. ~ when aunt Petunia ente...

  • I am (not) but a dog (Naruto Fanfic)
    60.5K 2.4K 8

    What would happen if Naruto lost his will to fight? What if he had been broken so bad for so long that he has almost no idea how to act on his own. And what if nobody noticed. this is my first fanfiction, so leave lots of comments so I can improve. I'm only saying it once- I don't own naruto at all. oh and I don't ow...

  • Who's The Demon Now
    206K 5.7K 16

    After a failed attempt to bring Sasuke back, Naruto and Sasuke ended up getting bad wounds kakashi finds them but takes Sasuke. What will happen to Naruto? Who saved Naruto? Will he became a kage like he dreamed? If so which one? You need to read to find out.

  • naruto the winter god
    101K 2.2K 8

    at first naruto was neglected by his parents, then after brining sasuke back from leaving the village he is banished by the council in private for harming the last uchiha and being the 'kyuubi'. not knowing they just banished their best anbu they try and call him in anbu to have him kill himself but fail. kakashi find...

  • Beautiful Liar
    40K 1.1K 12

    「君はできない子」 What happens when the person you cherish so much leaves you in the darkness? You're falling down, no one to catch you down there and no one to hold your hand to prevent you from falling down the endless dark pit. You're sinking in quick sand, drowning in the darkest place in the sea. And that's what happened...

  • The King's Pet ♛ { Akakuro }
    93.9K 3.6K 20

    Warning;; • This is an AU for Kuroko no Basket • This has a little bit of a Yandere!Akashi but I won't make that last long • I update between 2-6 days so it'll be random. Don't blame me if it's longer; I'll probably be busy. _____ When Kuroko Tetsuya, a young farmer's boy far away from the populated town, heads out t...

  • His Grief ~[DISCONTINUED One Piece LawLu Fan Fiction]~
    30.5K 1.4K 14

    ~*DISCONTINUED CUZ SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW*~ A dying patient, and and unspoken oath lead the young surgeon to care for a broken boy. But what will result because of this? Fanfiction, One Piece, LawLu, Law x Luffy [This story is under Indefinite Hiatus until further notice, I'm sorry to anyone who was looking forward t...

  • Our Son
    102K 2.7K 3

    Minato and Kushina wake up after being in a coma for fourteen years and can't wait to see their son, Naruto. However, things won't be how they planned it, especially when they find out what happened to their son. Will Konoha survive? In this fanfic, the plan to use Shisui's eyes to stop the de-coup is a success.

  • Loving in silence
    203K 8.3K 15

    Being deaf is not nice,its not normal .Being deaf and in love is just ridiculous, being in love and know that someone won't love a deaf person is just hurting yourself. Thats what Casey thought

  • Life in a puppy pack (Sterek) (Boyxboy) (completed)
    366K 10.5K 27

    It's summer break, and Stiles is pack mom. The plan was to simply spend the summer in Dereks lake house, to relax and do some pack bonding. But things really don't go as planned when amnesia, kidnapping, proposals and a certain annoying uncle (not neccesarely in that order) decide to make this summer a little bit mor...

  • Shivers (BoyXBoy)
    413K 15.2K 20

    Winter Howe, is rich, young, and pretty smart.. That is unless you count the fact that he is easy to trust strangers, such as a tall dark and mysterious man, Axel Keeler. Whom seems to give Winter the attention he's always wanted, but never got with in his big family. What'll Winter do when Axel isn't exactly who he s...

  • Torn (BoyxBoyxBoy)
    217K 8.7K 14

    *needs serious editing, read at own risk* Andrew "Drew" No-Name has amnesia. That's no lie or secret to the Hackensacks School for Boys. He was found at the fresh age of nine, wandering the streets outside the boarding school, that soon became his home. The only home he ever knew. And now, Drew is harboring a dirty...

    Completed   Mature
  • You and I (BoyxBoy)
    23.8K 1.2K 8

    Orion Stewards is a troubled kid, his parents are always at each other's throats, everyone avoids him in school for no apparent reason, and his "friend" is less then a friend more then half the time, if not the whole time. Though he doesn't care, he's just happy someone talks to him. He didn't think anyone else would...

  • Master, Master {ManxMan} {BDSM}
    269K 10.3K 28

    Jason is rich, has a great home, and anything he could possibly ask for. He has everything. That's how it seems anyway. In reality, Jason has very little. No family, hardly any friends, and no one to share his wealth with. That's what he thinks anyway but his world is about to be turned upside down by the waiter he ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jesse (boyxboy)
    151K 9K 29

    Austin, the school outcast, has been having visions for as long as he can remember. They're always important. He's saved countless lives by preventing disaster. But when he starts to have visions of Jesse Wilde's dark future, Austin has no clue when it comes to saving him. [boyxboy] DISCLAIMER: I was 15, thirsty and v...