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  • Rest In Peace, BFF
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    They say the best things in life come in threes but who would've known that a friendship could perhaps be an exception? We all are teenagers at some point in our lives; some of us experience less drama than others but believe me, these three young and lively adolescents are about to experience one hell of a drama.

  • Convincing Clara
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    The month of Christmas has come upon all the citizens of France. December. The month of light, as the French would call it. Clara, was the only person I particularly knew that merely loathed Christmas. She always rejected her gifts if they would be given to her on Christmas day since she didn't appreciate the act of C...

  • The Teenage Struggle
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    Nothing ever goes right for Carly. Her boyfriend is cheating on her, her younger autistic brother has just attempted suicide, whilst her parents are struggling to make him recover. In such a desperate situation, Carly finds solace in alcohol and partying every night. However, reality hits her again when the school pri...

  • The Werewolf Hunter(On Hold)
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    This was my duty. I didn't have any other choice. I had to. Looking back in the past wasn't worth it. I'm sure with this new experience something new and good will pop up. I love hunting animals but I didn't realize this wasn't what I expected. Werewolves everywhere. Not my plan. The leader is what's interesting. I'm...

  • Lucid
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    Midnight. Darkness. Deafening silence. There i was, lying down on my bed, vainly trying to fall asleep. Head hidden under my blanket, legs safely tucked in it. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four and so i went down the rabbit hole.